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Night 57: F11-20 Hallway
Just follow me!
gald_digger wrote in damned
Well, that was different. Anise had expected the military's announcement to be brief and to-the-point, but what actually came was a full-on rant. It looked like even Aguilar had a nutty side, too. Both him and Landel kept acting like they were doing everyone a favor with all their twisted plots. Who did they think they were fooling? They were both despicable as far as Anise was concerned.

It looked like the military was offering a new way to get weapons, though. But testing drugs in a place like this? That had to be seriously risky. Anise was glad that most of her friends were already armed, so she didn't have to worry about them being reckless and actually trying something like that.

In any case, it was time for Anise to go, and she needed to get an early start so she could deliver her gift bags. One such bag, a little drawstring bag with a white and blue floral design on it, was left on her desk with a small note reading 'Edgar'. She hoped he'd come and take it, as it was hard to tell whether he really intended to or not. The guy really looked like he could use a little help.

Next up were Tear and Ilia, who were fortunately in the same hallway as Anise. With her nightshift gear and the last two gift bags in hand, Anise gave Utena a quick goodbye before hurrying out of her room. The orange and yellow bag was left on Ilia's door handle, and then the pink and brown one was left on Tear's. Each bag contained granola bars (three for Edgar and Tear, two for Ilia), as well as gummy bears, fruit gummies, and chocolates - all separated by type, wrapped in colorful tissue paper, and tied with thread. All of them also contained a small to-and-from note with a few hearts doodled on the paper, just to make it look more cheerful.

There! She hoped that would help cheer her friends up, and maybe improve their health a little too.

Now that she was done with that, it was off to meet Claude and Guy! Anise quickly double-checked to make sure she had everything she needed - jacket, mallet, binoculars, Tokunaga, flashlight - then started to make her way towards the block exit.

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Edgar stopped at the seventh door. "This should be it." After a quick knock to make sure both Anise and her roommate had vacated the room, he gave the knob a try. It opened easily, revealing the ladies' living quarters.

On one desk was a blue and white bag— he smirked, noting the appropriate colors— and an accompanying note bearing his name. With a look to Locke and a nod toward the gift, he headed for the desk. He set his shovel and light aside for the moment, taking the note between two fingers and eying the handwriting carefully. He then examined the contents of the bag: various candies and delicacies, all carefully decorated, as well as the promised granola bars. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the scents from the bag, the smell of the treats enticing even with his churning stomach.

"She's entirely too kind," Edgar remarked, showing the contents of the gift to Locke before folding the bag and pushing it into his jacket pocket. He found his pen in the other, and turning the note with his name to the blank side, he wrote in an elegant cursive: 'Your generosity is beyond measure. You have my thanks.'

Locke's mood had improved a bit, although, their conversation still weighed on his mind. However, he was trying not to show it, for Edgar's sake, at least. When they got to the room, he leaned on the doorway, watching as Edgar retrieved the gift.

"Candies? What kind of relationship do you have with this woman?" A little bit of teasing could only help at this point, besides, it was mostly rhetorical.

"Where to next?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Edgar answered Locke's initial teasing, accompanying his reply with a sly wink. It was almost unfortunate that Anise was appeared a bit young for him, given that he wasn't intending to spend years trapped within the institute's walls. Whether or not he had a choice in that matter was yet to be seen.

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