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Night 57: M-A Block Hallway
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He slipped silently down the hallway, flashlight (turned off) in hand, as he couldn't fit it into a pocket with both the bulky radio as well as the gun. A hassle, but bearable. Having a portable source of light handy with him while wandering dark corridors was actually rather helpful, even if normally, Vino wouldn't have bothered with it at all. Light showed up too brightly in darkness when he needed to be invisible.

Like a shadow, he passed through this larger hallway in his block, ignoring all the doors. He'd tried them all before. Besides, his job wasn't to break into a room. At least, not completely, anyway.

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"An acquaintance of mine has left something for me to pick up in her room," Edgar continued as they passed through the hallway. He walked quickly, knowing the night ended too often without warning- if they were to visit Anise's room, then try to make it to the shed in the courtyard, they had a lot of ground to cover.

At least the walk would give them time to catch up. Even if Locke had remembered his time at the institute, there would have been a lot to discuss. Edgar counted himself fortunate to be given a second chance with at least one of his comrades.

Locke couldn't help the small smirk that crossed his face. "A female friend, huh? Should I leave you two alone when you go in?"

Even if their current situation was dark and dangerous, Locke couldn't help but tease, if at the very least, for the familiarity of it. Even if he'd only been here for a day, he'd been worried about seeing his friends again the more he realized just how stuck they all were here.

"Mind if I ask what this thing is?"

Edgar returned the smirk, wagging his finger as he turned. "Anise should be out and about by the time we get there, but believe me: I would have been a perfect gentleman had she stayed. You ought to be proud! I've been well behaved these past two weeks, though it's not hard when trapped in a place where the men greatly outnumber the women."

And whether there was a reason for that or not, Edgar couldn't tell. He'd always just suspected that was the way Landel played.

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