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Night 57: Main Hallway, 1-West
{ you came here just to start a fight }
witchdetective wrote in damned
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As Erika approached the meeting spot, she was pleased to see that she was, indeed, first to reach there. This was to be expected: Erika was closest to this particular hallway and she could have given the others a minute's head start and still probably beat them while walking at a leisurely pace. But Erika had hurried to get here and set up camp anyway, directing her flashlight to the ceiling while dropping her bag next to her feet.

Perhaps the detective was so anxious to get there first in an effort to get back at Sync for implying that he more or less found her useless. Yet he followed her around anyway! Hopefully, this would be the last "team exercise" she would be expected to perform in this place so she could finally rid herself of him.

This hallway was as empty as the last one, but Erika knew she was going to see some traffic very soon. There was only one place on her map where a med wing was and it was east, just as Aguilar said. It was definitely a place that she would visit sometime soon so she could collect more of those pins, but not tonight. After all, Erika wasn't so desperate for a pin that she would willingly subject herself to Unknown Drug X. Let the other idiots work out the side effects and she'd be more than happy to step in if the risks were really worth it.

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[From here.]

Edgar slowed to walk beside Locke as they passed into the main corridor, keeping his eyes ahead, his tone serious. He saved the caution he usually took when around others for another time: he was not going to miss this opportunity again.

"When I first arrived here, it was more like a clinic, as it was today. The military took over a few days ago, with General Aguilar forcibly removing the head doctor, Landel, from his position. I'm not sure how or exactly why they bring us here, though there is definitely some sort of magic involved... One moment, I'm in Nikeah, and the next, I'm here— as incredible as it sounds, people are drawn from several different worlds and times, and a few have even arrived after death."

Locke followed along, listening to everything Edgar had to say. It all still seemed strange, but, he had no doubts that he was being told the truth. As untrustworthy as some of the people around here were, Edgar was not one of them. Though..he had been wondering if his friend was going to tell him everything at first.

"Even after death, huh? That's some powerful magic...Explains how I got here. So, what happened to this 'Landel' guy?"

"He's apparently joined up with a rebel who is supposedly helping us," Edgar answered. He tugged at the radio attached to his belt. "The rebel has been using these radios to contact the patient body, though how far he can actually be trusted is yet to be seen."

He turned the corner into the next hall, remembering the path from his night with Gren- the same night he'd discovered Celes had been released, and that he was the last to see her. A sigh escaped him- it was a topic he was hoping to avoid for now, but knowing Locke, it would come up eventually.

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