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Night 57: M11-M20 Hallway
he never loses the hat
its_the_mileage wrote in damned
Easing into his work shirt and jacket was less painful than it'd been last night. It still didn't feel good. Indy went back to the box, coiled his makeshift whip over his right shoulder and tucked the holstered brush axe through one of his belt loops. That and the shield were all the gear he planned to take. He doubted he'd be making too many notes in the journal tonight even if he brought it; there'd be time to write about whatever he saw tomorrow. Assuming they didn't all get themselves killed by whatever death trap Landel had planned next.

You had to admit, Aguilar almost had a point.

At least the first leg of the trip would be a short one. Indy picked up his hat, brushed it off with a few practiced swipes, and settled it on his head. He'd better get a move on so they'd have as much of the night to work with as possible. With a familiar mix of excitement and trepidation, Indy made for the door.

He had a bad feeling about this.

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With a nod to Gren, Edgar stepped into the hallway, taking a moment to adjust his equipment as the door closed behind him. The flashlight was attached to his shovel with tape, allowing him to use both hands for wielding the implement as a weapon; as for the radio, it tied nicely to the belt of the military uniform he'd opted to wear for the evening. With the doctor's coat for the pockets and heavy boots for trekking through the snow, he was ready to face the night.

Dinner had been quiet as the roommates digested all that was handed to them that day. Now knowing more about Gren's background, it was easy to see why the persistent military involvement was hard on him, especially when the patients were treated as test subjects. As for Edgar, he had other concerns on his mind, namely the revelations from the nightly announcements.

Aguilar had laid his cards on the table. Of course, that was assuming he was telling the truth- and it was hard for Edgar to put any trust in the general's words, considering how dubious the entire situation- staff, false identities- had been thus far. Still, Aguilar seemed to be actively working against Landel, and vice versa; the general was less cryptic than the head doctor ever had been- another point in his favor. Aguilar had also confirmed the patients were resources to be used- they were being tested, watched, groomed for something yet to be revealed. They were tasked to rise to the occasion, challenged to make use of their skills, threatened to either work with the system or suffer the consequences.

Even with the revelations, there were still questions to be answered. The show, as guessed, was admittedly for the visitors. That didn't settle well with Edgar, who continued to play the scenario in the back of his mind where March's brother was really his own twin, that Sabin had somehow fallen prey to the institute prior to his arrival and had been released into the world as someone else entirely.

Revealed as some sign of charity was the medical wing of the building, and the promise of a reward there if those willing would make themselves useful. While tempted to investigate, if for no other reason than to see if Aguilar really would stay true to his word, Edgar had other plans for the night: to make his way outside to test the results of his Magitek infusion. As the night fell, the pressure of the heat in his chest came back, just like the previous night; however, he was feeling well enough to give casting a try. Not knowing just how well he would be able to handle it, as it was neither fair nor safe to assume it was the same as magic learned through Magicite, was enough to convince him to practice outside. Setting his room ablaze would only make matters worse.

But if he could learn to control it, magic would be a definite asset. If not, it would possibly serve as his downfall.

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