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Night 57: Main Hallway, 1-East
antiheroed wrote in damned
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As far as Riku knew—which wasn't a reliable piece of information in the least—this was approaching new territory for him. It was the first time he tempted fate by going somewhere without one of his friends since he first woke up in this place. If it wasn't Sora or Kairi that was there with him, it was Naminé; to some degree, each one had been there for him on the various nights that passed. Before, it hadn't been a guarantee for success; maybe part of the concern was that there were too many feelings involved. When he worked before, cloaked with the blindfold that hid his worries and fears, he was weighed down by the need to do something for his friends, if not their actual presences.

It was a thought that he needed to stall immediately. That was agreeing with the Shadow, after all. Then again, that Shadow wouldn't have expected him to have gained one still unknown comrade for the night. His impression of this guy wasn't fully made up yet, but it was getting there fast. Even if he had a gun and he was young—which, for anyone else, might actually make them stall, but Riku had been promised heroic adventures at the age of five by a stranger with brown hair—he still had a head on his shoulder and an obviously distinct way of being.

Riku realized that as they grew closer to where this med wing was that if he was getting here with Sora or Kairi, he wouldn't be trying out the drugs for a change in his experience. Neither of them would let him, and his own guilt would be overridden by his sense to accomplish something. But they weren't here tonight. He had no way of knowing if they were even still in Landel's. Any plans he could make were based off maybes, so he had to focus on now.

He slowed considerably to glance down toward Albedo. The guy still had a question to answer, and it seemed wise to get that out of the way before they had these drugs in their systems.

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As they neared where the map said the Medical Wing would be, the Scarecrow couldn't help but notice the sharp change in the air: his skin tingled through the aches and the bandages, his body recalling the foot-on-floor feeling.

"Most unusual occurrences we're having this evening," he remarked, starting to cross his arms before pain struck him— the bandages restricted him from that sort of behavior, and it was just as well. He hissed from the pain, his teeth grinding together as he took a few deep breaths. He continued after a moment, eyeing some of the people further down the hallway. "First the Sun Room, and now the chill in here. Something very strange is goin' on tonight."

According to Scarecrow's map, the entrance should be just up ahead, she thought. Not a moment had passed when Sonia was hit by a sudden chill. She rubbed her upper arms, keeping her eyes on the path in front of them.

She glanced up at Scarecrow, curious, then looked again with genuine concern when he hissed. "Are you alright?" The guard had obviously hurt him, that much she had seen, but she didn't know how bad.

Her eyes narrowed slightly at his next remark. That was what she was worried about. Coming from someone who'd probably been here longer than her, she was starting to doubt this was a good idea. Who knew what Aguilar was planning? What if getting them to enter the Medical Wing was all he wanted?

When they had got to the end of the hallway, Sonia stared at the entrance. "This must be it," she said softly, throwing her companion a serious look. She could tell him to wait here, but it'd be safer if they stuck together. The princess gave a firm nod before entering with caution.

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