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Night 57: Front Desk (Medical Wing)
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Unsurprisingly, the door opened with a twist of the handle and little pressure. The interior hidden behind a door long since locked--if they were to believe the blow-hard of a commander who had taken control--was quite large, dwarfing the sun room in comparison. Enclaves and doorways crept away from them, and Albedo was idly curious--wondered, if he survived in a more than unsightly way, if he'd see what new toys a medical wing would have to offer him.

For now, however, there were other things, goals that he and this other had in common if it was to be believed. And should Albedo speak to him, play with him? Or should he just go on half-ignoring him and perhaps the other would flee of his own accord. The boy began to move forward across the space, glancing around idly for these things that were supposedly set out. It'd be annoying if it all turned out to be a farce. "So you wake up after getting back from 'somewhere', and your first thought is to try to attempt to poison yourself?" He moved to glance down a hallway on the left, seeing nothing but doors. "Seems a bit strange. Shouldn't you be seeking your comrades or doing something wholesome?"

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The second Sonia stepped into the room, she was quick to check both sides of it. She had to stay focused. Silent, her eyes shifted from the door on her right to the front desk, and she headed over to it. There was a board on the wall that said: 'Are you a good patient?'. Someone had put a smiley-face next to it.

She looked over her shoulder at Scarecrow.

Unable to find words since his nod in the hallway about if his arms were well (and they weren't, but he didn't want her to worry- he had enough people doing that as it was), the Scarecrow followed Sonia into the Medical Wing without a word. He couldn't say he'd ever been the brave sort- he left that to Lion on most days- but he felt even more cowardly being a flesh-and-blood man than he ever had when he was made of straw, given the fragile nature of human bodies. Though fire had been his one true fear as a strawman, that didn't keep his legs from shaking at the thought of ghosts, witches, or whatever horrible somethings would undoubtedly be hiding in the Medical Wing. They did even more now.

It did seem awfully suspicious that the General would invite them there and tell them to try some mysterious concoctions he'd cooked up- there had to be a catch, whether it was a horrible effect from testing said concoction, or something far worse waiting for them, ready to spring a trap. He hadn't gotten a good look at much in the previous hallway, though he thought for a moment he'd seen a spook hanging around. And oh, how he did believe in them from time to time, despite his brain telling him such things didn't exist.

With all the thoughts he was thinking, the Scarecrow almost didn't notice Sonia had stopped in front of him. Catching himself before he ran right into her, his eyes were drawn to the board before them as well, reading over the letters written there. He returned Sonia's glance with a shrug and a puzzled look. "I don't suppose we are, are we? Though that's probably best, since we aren't exactly patients by choice, after all."

The Scarecrow's head turned as he heard voices from a nearby hallway. He peered around the corner- though his flashlight did its best to chase away the darkness, the end of the hall stayed in the shadows. "I think I hear others this way," he called to Sonia in a whisper. "Looks like we aren't the first to arrive."

"We didn't ask to be prisoners, either," Sonia said matter-of-factly, unable to keep the indignation out of her voice. She wondered... Was this message meant for them, or had it been there since before they locked down the area?

She knew she had work to do, but for a moment, Sonia wished they'd had more time to turn this place upside down. On the other hand, Aguilar probably wouldn't have left anything here that he didn't want them to find. Usually she wouldn't expect this much from the bad guys, but he had invited them here.

The girl turned away from the board to figure out where they were heading next. Scarecrow was already scouting out a route, but the news didn't make her feel much better. She hadn't really expected they'd be the first ones here, but knowing it for certain made her heart sink. "Come on," she hissed, clenching both her hands as she moved back into the lead. "We've got to stop them from drinking that concoction!"

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