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Night 57: Medical Wing Hall
so now?
purpletaint wrote in damned
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He glanced idly at the doorways as they passed them, and yet still none read infirmary. "It's only a waste of time," he replied. "If you can't find them. Which would be a bit pathetic in a small building like this."

There was another hallway to the left and Albedo ducked into it, coming up short. Draping his hands behind his head, he walked back to the other, tilting his head. "Especially since I saw Sora about twenty minutes ago. Hopeful with hair at unrealistic angles?" Which would make sense. Sora was sky and didn't Riku speak as shore?

It was annoying, that. It spoke of a beach, and that reminded him too much of a girl.

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As much as she wouldn't have minded running, Sonia knew there were good reasons for being a slo-mo at a time like this. First off, they didn't know where the Infirmary was, and second, they had no idea what could be waiting for them down here. As she walked with Scarecrow, she tried not to pay attention to how creepy this place was. At least in Robotnik's headquarters, you could see a meter in front of your face.

Stay sharp, Sonic would have said. "Stay sharp," she whispered to Scarecrow, echoing her thoughts. "For once I can say that neither of us know anything about this place. We don't know what we'll find."

"Whatever it is, I don't think it'll be good," the Scarecrow whispered back, the beam of his flashlight shaking with his hands. While he was glad Sonia seemed to have enough courage for the both of them, he couldn't help but wonder if gumption alone would be enough. Even if he hadn't set a trap, it was likely the General wouldn't like the thought of someone actively trying to stop people from testing his potion. What he would dispatch to take care of them was the worrying part.

The sounds coming from the side halls were unsettling enough as it was: a scuffle here, a scream for help there, all punctuated by the same stifling silence that usually filled the corridors at night. The Scarecrow had to remember that he had a job to do- even if they didn't manage to deter anyone, he needed to satisfy his own curiosity and hopefully get some useful information in the process. He had a reason to be there, and he wasn't about to turn tail and run now. Not yet, anyway.

As they neared the end of the hall, they reached a door that had been opened already. "This looks like it might be it," he commented as they headed inside.

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