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Night 58: M-B Block Hallway
believein0 wrote in damned
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The hallway he ended up in was empty and pitch black, but that had been the case the previous night, too. It had been no issue traveling through then, as Zero had had his flashlight, which, needless to say, had been incredibly helpful. Without any sort of light to guide him now, however, it was very difficult to see much of anything. Where were all the others? Was he early or late in leaving his room? They couldn't be too far away. He'd probably run into some people soon, and then he'd be able to see a little easier from their flashlights.

Fortunately for him, the door he needed to go through was practically right next to him once he exited the smaller branch hallway. Zero opened that door and glanced into the greater hallway past it. Yes, this looked familiar, and he remembered the way he'd traveled as well. Going right last time had led him to other people and the majority of the institute, so he would go right again tonight.

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"Is having blue hair not normal?" the Scarecrow asked, making a conscious effort to not barrel ahead. It had never really occurred to him that it might be an unusual color, given some that he'd seen while at the Institute.

"Well, not where I come from. You can just color your hair blue, but I've never seen anyone who was born with blue hair. I guess it might happen in other countries or other planets."

Whenever Frank was from, traffic with aliens was probably common. Yeah, then you'd have blue hair all over the place.

"That does make sense," the Scarecrow remarked. And it did, once he thought about it. They didn't have talking scarecrows in Kansas, so perhaps some things were more common in one world than they were in others. If nothing else, it at least made Depth Charge stand out in a crowd, making him easier to find.

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