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Night 58: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
dual_worlds wrote in damned
((From here.))

As he stealthily moved through the hall, Spock noted that it was quiet and dark. He didn't detect other patients, nor any hostile lifeforms. Perhaps the rest of the way leading to Dr. McCoy's quarters was in a similar state.

Regardless, it was best to move as quickly as possible. The early portions of the shift tended to be the quietest, which meant Spock needed to take advantage of the still hallways while he could. He hadn't forgotten about the military's cryptic message, or the unusual silence toward the end of their meal period. It was possible something would interrupt their plans later, which made time of the essence. If they were caught in the middle of a meld, the results could be disastrous.

Walking at a brisk pace, Spock allowed his light to illuminate his immediate path and continued ahead.

((To here.))

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[From here]

Maybe he should take a partner along. He could go himself, in theory, but there were scars on his shoulder from the last time he went outside alone. Even normal woods had bears and moose and horrible things like that, the Institute probably had...giant bear-moose hybrids. With laser eyes. Carter stood in the hallway and dithered over the matter.

[High-tailing it from here. Apologies for the wait! Let me know if this isn't okay.]

Leaving the main hallway and the lights within it behind, the Scarecrow was left to his own devices in the darkness. In good news, he was a little better at seeing in the dark than most- or at least he liked to think so. The bad news was that no matter how well he could see, the fact was that he had neither a light nor a way to defend himself if absolutely necessary. That, when combined with the mounting stress of the day and the worries he was now carrying over his missing roommate's status, added up for minor disaster.

He looked over his shoulder as he ran- nothing there. Perhaps he was just being paranoia, like Lion. There was, however, someone in front of him, and said minor disaster came as the former strawman barreled right into him.

Carter went slamming into the wall as some unknown entity crashed into him in the darkness. He flipped himself around and raised his crowbar, ready to strike down foes wherever they might--

Oh, hey, it was Frank. Carter immediately went from violence mode to puppy mode. Poor Frank, blundering around in the dark and getting confused. What a relatable guy.

"You want to go outside tonight?" he asked, slinging his crowbar back over his shoulder and flashing his teleportation ring. "I'm gonna leave some notes for Claire and I wouldn't mind a little company."

The Scarecrow couldn't get to his feet fast enough, sure he'd run straight into a witch or one of the officers or someone equally terrible; however, he was pleasantly surprised to find Sergeant Carter standing before him, thankfully unharmed. Somehow, he'd imagined the military had found out about their trick and already punished their friends as a result. Relief washed over him as he got to his feet.

"Sergeant!" he said a little loudly for the small corridor, his excitement getting to him. "How lucky I am to find you here." Not only was Carter a friend, but he also had a flashlight. How unfortunate it would have been for him to run into a monster without even a light to show him a way to escape!

"I'd be happy to go with you, but I need to run to my room." He paused, getting an idea. "If it's okay with you, we could go together, since it is awful dark. I can grab my light while we're there, then we can head outside. I'd love to keep you company."

Anything to get his mind off the events of the day. The distraction would surely be a welcome one once he'd checked to make sure Depth Charge was safe.

"Sure!" Carter laughed, already heading back towards the men's cells. "Two flashlights is better than one. And I'll need to see when I write up my notes. We can just teleport out of there."

Frank was one of the most upbeat guys Carter had met at the institute, and it was refreshing to find him. Serious people were good for serious things, but it was nice to have someone who really understood his views on life.

Besides. Leaving notes for a girl...a guy could get teased about that by certain parties.

"Oh, thank you. Really!" The Scarecrow couldn't help but smile in spite of the desperate situation. Or perhaps it was because everything seemed so grim that he forced one on his face. He had to keep hope- it'd do him no good at all to worry all night. Just a quick run to their room, and that'd be that.

"It's, oh..." He turned in place a moment, disoriented by the darkness. "This way. Follow me!"

[To here.]

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