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Night 58: West Wing, North Hall, 1-A
dual_worlds wrote in damned
((From here.))

Although some patients took a great deal of time to memorize their way through the building, Spock's eidetic memory allowed him to remember most details from an area, even if he'd only seen it once. Of course, he'd passed through this hall several times during his reconnaissance assignments. The path to McCoy's quarters wasn't difficult, particularly since the patient blocks had a uniform design.

Even so, that wasn't any reason to let his guard down. Remaining alert, Spock carefully listened for any signs of an impending ambush as he moved through the darkness. A quick glance at his surroundings revealed no other patients aside from himself. That was likely for the best, seeing how Spock didn't wish to keep McCoy waiting longer than necessary.

Given the doctor's current condition, the Vulcan knew he needed to proceed with future interactions as carefully as possible. There was a chance McCoy would leave his quarters if left to his own devices for too long. Moving with purposeful strides, Spock turned into the northern block.

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[From here.]

The Scarecrow kept pace with Carter, trying not to get too far ahead of him in spite of the incredible urge to run as fast as his feet would carry him. He'd be back at square one if the two of them got separated.

"Sergeant," he started quietly, hearing the nervousness in his own voice. It couldn't hurt to ask. "You didn't happen to see someone pass through that hallway while you were standing there, did you? He'd be about this tall--" he held his hand about a head over his own "--and has blue hair and red eyes."

Well, of course Carter had probably seen someone pass through the hallway, but whether or not it was Depth Charge was the important bit.

"Blue hair?" Carter scratched his head. He was moving quickly, but with eagerness rather than fear and thus was probably far too slow for the Scarecrow's preferences.

"No, nobody like that. Just the normal people." Funny kind of thing, to have blue hair and red eyes. You could get red eyes from dust and possibly dye your hair blue if you were really determined, but Carter couldn't particularly think why you would.

The Scarecrow paused as he waited for Carter at the entrance to the next hallway. He was really going to have to try harder to not get too far ahead- it was unfortunate that the longer they took to get there, the more he thought about Depth Charge, and with more thinking of his roommate came more worrying. What a mess!

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