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Night 58: Main Hallway, 1-Center
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Turning the corner, Vino found that, in fact, he was very much early, it seemed. Huh. There was no one yet in this central hallway, though if he looked back towards the west side of the building, that strange person with the unnatural-looking white hair had gone down that end of the big hallway. He could still see the whiteness of their hair standing out from the darkness of the atmosphere around them.

He spent a few moments watching this person, then lost interest, instead finding the nearest wall to lean against to wait for the other person to show. Healing powers! He'd be able to see them in action, right? Vino wondered what it was like, having an injury healed with the kind of abilities that this kid had. Would it be like Czeslaw's 'healing,' he wondered? That would definitely be interesting to see, wouldn't it? Watching your own injury just mend itself like that. Like magic!

But while this ability certainly could be a useful one to have, Vino hadn't decided yet whether this would be an ability he'd want in his arsenal. Felt a bit like cheating, didn't it? What would be the point in challenging yourself to do things if there was no thrill in it? (Most people would call this the 'thrill of danger,' but Vino didn't believe in such a thing for himself.)

If you could always heal yourself from any injury, then how could you tell the difference between being alive and... not? There'd be no difference then, that's what!

A pause in his thoughts as Vino checks around again to see if he can spot any familiar head of spiky hair. Nope, no one fitting the description yet. He settles in to wait.

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L's next line of thought was an analysis of the situation, comforting because considering it made the anger and fear recede. If a friend of Marc's, perhaps another operative, was killed by patients last night, it could have been be one of... two things. No, two at the least.

The friend might have been able to infiltrate the Institute. But if he--or she--was, why would patients have murdered them? Even if some of us are dangerous, most would be more interested in escaping than in indulging homicidal urges. Also, it's hazardous enough here in a general sense that Marc wouldn't have been able to pin the killing on patients unless he had seen it firsthand, or had spoken to someone who had... otherwise, it would be more natural to assume that this friend had been attacked by something inhuman.

We know that the military sent groups of patients out last night to accomplish various tasks; we know that the patients were mostly young women. Two groups were reported. There might have been more, but if so, the other groups have been quiet about it. One was Rapunzel and her roommate, supposedly tasked to deliver disks. The other was Ilia Silvestri, and a young girl... probably the Rose she checked in on. They were less forthcoming about their mission.

His feeling was that Ilia and Rose had probably been the killers. He wondered what goal had been set for them, what rewards or punishments had been presented. He could ask to meet with one or the other of them in the morning, if he survived the night, but even then, answers might not be forthcoming.

Something far down the hall, down near their destination, caught his eye: a black shadow that shifted from one side to the other. It made him uneasy, but as he peered in its direction, it dissipated, and he saw nothing.

If it continued to be nothing, he would write it off as a trick of the light.

Edgar kept his eyes ahead as they crossed the corridor, diverting his attention for only a moment as they passed the Sun Room. Knowing the room was often a danger zone at night left him on edge as they moved past the doors. Hallways were not the best areas to deal with encounters, and given their improvised equipment, neither of them would have been prepared for fighting any of the monsters he'd seen there on previous nights.

"It does seem like he must have superiors," Edgar noted. "Though that doesn't mean he should be underestimated. Sometimes, it's not the men on top who are the most dangerous."

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