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Night 58: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
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heroesdontshave wrote in damned
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The confusion had fizzled out his anger momentarily. But that didn't make him any less determined to press forward. If anything, Snow was treating it like a random lapse of concentration and was plenty ready to forget about it. Which was pretty damn easy once he got himself focused on a particular subject.

He ran up the stairs (the completely pitch black stairs) with a renewed fervor, taking them two at a time as he went along. How he didn't miss, trip, fall, and break his neck was anyone's guess. Call it the power of love. Call it the power of a hero's heart.

...Or call it the power of idiot luck. Whichever.

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Darting across the hallway as quickly as his feet would take him, the Scarecrow made it into the stairwell, his breath settling once he was halfway down the stairs. Though even darker in the enclosed space, there were trails of light shining in from the main hallway. Probably from flashlights, he reasoned; if there were still patients out and about in the main corridor, then it couldn't be too late.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs, he looked back to the top again, a darker thought coming to mind. What if they'd taken Depth Charge for a sleep study? Or if he'd been brainwashed and was stationed somewhere in the hallway? He supposed if they could make him vanish— and these were the same people who had enchanted the doors to take them to seemingly anywhere in the surrounding area, so it didn't seem all that unlikely, the more he thought about it— they could easily have magicked him from the meeting room to the sleep study room.

There was that tingling in his back again, pushing him to move faster. Their room was the logical place to go looking first.

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