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Night 58: Main Hallway, 2-Center
Serious, Calm Anger, Blue, Determination, Sword
contentincloset wrote in damned
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The first difference Kurogane noted in comparing this hallway with its lower counterpart was how open it appeared. The usual walls of the Sun Room were absent, replaced with new hallways bordering a railing that overlooked the Sun Room - another area that he had made a point of avoiding after one too many incidents. Above that opening the dim glow of the night sky filtered through the windows, improving the visibility enough to see that no other patients were around. Their absence furthered the feeling of openness and set the ninja even more on edge than he'd been upon entering the hall. He was so used to the enclosed spaces and shadows of the lower floor that made movement easy. This hallway had nothing of that, and created too much vulnerability.

Moving more cautiously, the ninja kept his weapon ready, concealed beneath his cloak as he turned down the first of the hallways. Out of his peripheral view he spotted the Chapel doors positioned behind the back railing and moved for them as he kept a watch on the open hallway and the area over the Sun Room. He didn't know what was in the below room, but he knew something usually took up residence there, and couldn't overlook the possibility that it might move at him.

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[From here. Closer to the beginning of night.]

It was only after the door shut behind him that the Scarecrow realized he was very much alone.

"Depth Charge?" His voice echoed in the dark hallway. Though it had been morning when they left, and it didn't seem they'd spent long on their mission, they had arrived back at the Institute in the dead of the night: the view of the Sun Room was a lonely one, the dim moonlight barely illuminating the room below. Oh dear- that put him right near the Horrible Hallway.

They'd exited the room together, and yet, the Scarecrow was by himself with no explanation of how time had passed so quickly or what had happened to his roommate. He thought for half a second of going back into the room he'd just left, of asking for more information on the curious predicament; however, he couldn't shake the feeling that doing so would hurt their deception, that the soldiers would somehow see through the fake name they'd handed over by his return. He shook his head, unwilling to risk it. For now, he needed to find Depth Charge, needed to find a light... and most importantly, needed to get as far away from the Horrible Hallway as possible.

Putting a hand to the wall, the Scarecrow tried to orient himself: if the Sun Room was there (without a which in sight, thank goodness), then that was the way to the Chapel and that was the Horrible Hallway. The stairwell would be only a short run away. He could only hope the pent-up energy from the day's events would aid his feet in being swift.

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