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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

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Day 59: Intercom, Dawn
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
Morning came with the same bustle and energetic movements from the staff. Today, however, the announcer seemed to lack the enthusiasm of the soldiers, which was given away as soon as the intercom turned on.

"Attention, all soldiers and assigned personnel. You are to report to the cafeteria for the morning meal."

Harrington paused.

"In addition, unless you have the proper authorization, no personnel is allowed to leave the facility for the duration of the day. Insubordination will be reported directly to General Aguilar. Thank you."

The intercom clicked off.

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Luke felt a curious sensation of weight holding his body captive. Even breathing seemed laborious as his lungs expanded against the restraints of his physical form. His heart beat a steady rhythm within its repressed cage; whatever adrenaline had been pumping through his system had faded long ago. The feelings of free-falling and disorientation no longer commanded his undivided attention.

Now his waking consciousness was more concerned about why he felt so heavy. Subdued green eyes cracked open slowly, focusing intently on the blurry white world in front of him and receiving little for his effort. His mouth felt like sawdust and it took a few tugs to peel his tongue off the roof of his mouth. The whole process made Luke grimace like a disgruntled frog.

He wanted water and eventually a sluggish hand wizened to his demands, slowly rolling across the white sheets in search of anything nearby. It instead knocked against a hard table and the redhead gave up going about this the lazy way; it just caused pain on his part. Luke's vision lifted above the borderlines of the bedding and then realized there was nothing out of the ordinary pressing him down. It was his own physical weight.

That was definitely reassuring, and... slightly surprising. Since his head was already up, Luke lifted the rest of himself into a sitting position and immediately regretted it when his sluggish blood suddenly rushed through him. His vision wavered and spotted and he held his head in his hands, groaning. This was all just too much too quickly. The elation of being alive, the relief, the pain... The fear. Did his very existence mean he had not succeeded? Had all of their efforts been meaningless?

"You got up early..."

A strange voice pulled Luke out of his misery. The uniform was unlike any he had seen before, granted his intimate knowledge on the inner workings of military garb was severely limited. It wasn't Kimlascan, that he was fairly certain of. Was it then Malkuth territory he was in or was this another sect of the Oracle Knights?

Augh, who cared at this point! He'd let his brain critically think once it stopped throbbing. Still, throbbing was good in its own way. Luke could be dead instead; in fact, he should be. There were spots in his memory, and that wasn't good, like how he got here, whatever here was.

The question was too difficult for his dry tongue to handle. His mouth opened, but that was far as that ambitious endeavor got. From the look on the armed man's face, he probably thought Luke was a little slow.

"C'mon, let's go..." When he made no signs of bending this stranger's whims, the soldier sighed and tried again, more slowly and condescending, "You. Need to be in the cafeteria. There's food there."

That earned the man a defensive glare, but Luke knew he was outmatched here. The fon Fabre heir decided, if nothing else, surely something to drink waited for him if he was getting fed. He'd have his voice back and then get on this man's case for trying to boss him around for no good reason.

As he got out of bed on shaky legs, Luke realized he was not in his regular clothes. Could they have been destroyed or tattered beyond a seamstress's repair? Seeing as the entire island around him had collapsed in on itself, it was as good a guess as any other. The next problem was he had no weapons; he was armless. Gee, too bad speaking wasn't one of his abilities right now! That could really solve a lot of his problems right now.

A quick 360 of the room landed him with nothing but an impatient steward who jerked him toward the door. Keep this up and you'll be getting more than words, Luke promised with a scowl.

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