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Day 59: Sun Room
witchdetective wrote in damned
Erika stood back to survey her work, and she had no idea why no one seemed to care.

By 'no one', she was referring to the soldiers who were on guard, who should be looking particularly anxious due to the atmosphere of this place. It didn't make sense in her mind. Someone who just took up a large chunk of the middle of the Sun Room to build a blanket fort of all things should have prompted some sort of reaction other then asking what she needed the blankets for. In the center of the room, a couch and several chairs had been stolen from the tables to make more "support" for the blanket to stretch across both. In fact, Erika was finishing up preparations for another layer of blankets to be laid out and still, she got no reaction from the soldiers. At least, not any reaction that matched with her expectations. A lack of a reaction was still a reaction, but not the one she was expecting.

Why was she going out of her way to antagonize her captors in the first place? In truth, it was because Erika was hoping to stir up some drama and suspicion after the military was stupid enough to make it blatantly obvious that they were in a tough situation regarding their little traitor. But perhaps Erika overestimated just how serious the situation was. Even so, she seemed outright disappointed and grumbled quietly to herself as she started to lay out the second blanket after stacking some more chairs up to make another wall.

"What a waste. All of this trouble and no one even wants to look at it," The ex-detective grumbled to herself, but she didn't bother dismantling what she already put up. No, it seemed more like Erika was determined to ruin someone's day and if she could annoy some people by making it more difficult to find a place to sit, then it was all the better for her. After setting the blanket in place, Erika watched the fabric settle for a moment before scowling and crawling underneath the fabric, poking her head out from underneath and glancing around again to be met with no reaction whatsoever.

Why did no one care?!

[ hay Sync it's time for a secret evil league of evil meeting get in here. ]

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In spite of getting some rest, the Scarecrow still felt the events of the past day and night wearing on him. Having woken up after Depth Charge was already gone, he'd spent the greater part of breakfast trying to find him in the cafeteria, just to be sure he hadn't been taken somewhere- thankfully, given his roommate's build and bright hair color, he wasn't hard to spot.

Mele was trickier. He was so sure he'd seen her far beyond the walls of the Institute during the night, but until he could ask her himself, there was no way to be sure. He considered he might leave a note for her on the board if he didn't see her at lunch- he didn't want to get her worked up over nothing, after all. Still, he did want to see her, as she was one of the few people he felt he could perhaps trust with what they'd learned about the traitor the General was looking for.

No, now that he thought about it, he wanted to leave that note now. Something in his middle felt like it was getting chewed up just thinking about it, about what her being out there could have meant. She'd disappeared without a trace, almost like a spook... but that couldn't be right.

Staying in the Sun Room, the Scarecrow eyed the strange arrangement of blankets and pillows that decorated the room for only a moment, heading for the board as he decided there were more pressing matters at hand. Grabbing a scrap of paper and a pen, he started writing. He crossed it out and tried again- no dice. Maybe it was better if he not mention anything too specific and talk to her in person. It seemed like seeing her face might make things that much better.

With his note finished, he tacked it to the board.


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