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Day 59: Library
oh look it's the brat
gald_digger wrote in damned
Anise couldn't get out of the Cafeteria fast enough. The stench of rotted food was overwhelming, and she was starting to feel sick. Most of her nausea came from seeing the people around her eating it, though. Even her friends! Anise didn't know what to do... What if lunch ended up being the same?

The Sun Room didn't feel like it was nearly far enough from all the rot, and Anise was convinced she could still smell it even after leaving the Cafeteria. She considered ducking into that blanket fort to get away from it (wait, blanket fort?), but decided distance was a better buffer than a pile of sheets and cushions (but seriously, blanket fort?). After giving the bulletin a quick look-over (No one had said anything about the food yet. It wasn't just her, was it...?) she decided to duck into the Library. With her privileges, Anise probably could have run off to wherever she wanted, but she figured it would be too boring to do that if she wouldn't have anyone to talk to.

Come to think of it, Anise hardly ever came to the Library, even though she liked reading. It just never felt like there was enough time to read. The first and last time she came was the day she had that fight with Aidou. She wondered how he was doing. Maybe it was about time they made up...

The last time she came, she'd been looking up Earth myths and legends. Anise wandered back to that section, looking over the rows of books as she considered giving that another shot.

While she stood there, her stomach growled, and she set a hand on it with a groan. "Like I could even stomach a meal right now..."


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Breakfast had been all right, he actually felt a little better after his unexpected conversation. However, with his options being the Sun Room and the Library, he quickly decided the library held more appeal. Not that he was necessarily looking for something to read, but more like it wasn't the Sun Room.

Maybe it was silly, but he just didn't want to spend too much time there if he didn't have to; he'd had his fill last night. Instead, he decided to just find a spot where he could spend the shift trying not to dwell on why he wasn't in the Sun Room. Unfortunately, one thing he'd forgotten about Libraries was that they were notoriously quiet and that didn't mix well with avoiding thoughts.

He tried to ignore the useless 'what ifs' that kept springing up in his mind, with thoughts of when and how he could have been drugged, if that's what this was. It could've been during the space of 'passing out' in the dining hall and waking up in his room or it really could've had something to do with the gas he and Tolten had been exposed to. Or, really, it could have been at any time, there were too many possibilities to consider and trying to consider them all just made his head hurt. Maybe somewhere quiet hadn't been the best choice.


[OH HI. I know they're threading next shift, but I figured since you were free, they could just have a long conversation. If this isn't okay, I will totally go away. ♥]

After a moment in the Sun Room eyeing the construction of a fortress of blankets and pillows, Edgar headed for the library, hoping to spot Locke. He knew the treasure hunter was still around, as he'd seen a note penned by him just that morning on the bulletin board- Edgar had to admit that he was relieved in that aspect, given how short his stay had been before. It was just a matter of catching him, which was strangely difficult in spite of the limited number of places to hide during the daytime shifts.

Turning the corner into the library, he found exactly who he sought almost immediately. One look told him that the night hadn't been kind to him. "Rough evening?" he asked quietly as he approached.

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Locke jumped a little, not expecting to hear Edgar's voice breaking through his thoughts. Turning, he greeted his friend with a wry smile.

"And the morning hasn't been all that great either." Locke looked over Edgar, checking to make sure he was still in one piece and at least mostly healthy, which he seemed to be, though he wouldn't put it past the king to hide it if something were wrong.

"Ran into some trouble while adventuring last night. Please tell me you had a bit more luck with whatever you were doing last night." A bit of good news, including hearing Edgar hadn't actually run into anything last night, would make things a little better.

"We hadn't much luck," Edgar said, leaning against the bookshelf, "but we weren't presented with anything nightmarish, either." He lowered his voice, turning his head to watch the soldiers in the Sun Room- they moved about idly, ignoring the mess that had been made of the furniture. "The man I was with had an injection forced upon him a the start of the night, giving him hallucinations of monsters around us. I'll take that over the genuine article any day."

He conveniently left out the specters for now, resolving that he was going to have to talk to Locke about Celes' former presence at the institute... eventually.

"What trouble did you find?" he asked with a quirk of his lips, unable to keep the implication that Locke might have gone looking for it from his words.

Locke tried to scowl at him, but he had a feeling the effect was ruined by the faint smile he could feel trying to take over. "Not like I was trying to find any." The smile faded and he put his chin in his hands, thinking.

"Actually, the guy I met and went with last night also had one of those injections. He wasn't seeing things, though, he kept hearing threatening voices; actually heard me threaten him a couple times too, apparently." Thinking about it, he realized he didn't know if Tolten was still suffering from that or not, he hadn't asked.

"We went out to try and get me a weapon, like we did the other night. He thought we could find knives or something in the kitchen, so we headed there...but I led us through the Sun Room...it was a trap." His smile turned wry and he averted his eyes from his friend. "Got us gassed...throat still hurts a bit from it; we didn't make it to the kitchens."

As expected, Ryuuzaki hadn't been the only one forced to test the military's drugs; however, to hear that they effected individual patients differently was worth noting. It had been the same the night they tainted the food: Edgar had been made aware of the patients undergoing "special counseling," while Ryuuzaki was privy to knowledge of a person's past upon physical contact. Exactly how those running the institute were planning to use the effects, presumably once the concoctions were deemed useful and safe for whomever they chose to use them on, was yet unknown. Until then, the patients continued to be unwilling test subjects.

"The Sun Room is often perilous at night," Edgar said, returning his attention to Locke. "The last time—" he paused, stopping himself from saying we, as this wasn't the same Locke— "... I passed through there at night, I managed to make it through once without hassle. By the time I returned, there was the corpse of a monster lying in the center of the room- luck had been on my side, apparently. Another night, I believe I saw an Esper floating above the room. It's a hotspot for danger, if nothing else. I suppose it could have always been worse than just gas, at least." Not that the thought brought him any comfort.

An Esper? That wouldn't be a good thing to run into, if it wasn't feeling very kind anyway. The thought of an Esper reminded him of Terra, it made him wonder if Edgar had seen her yet and if she was okay still."So the Sun Room's not a smart move at night. Got it. I'll keep that in mind tonight when we try again; I hate being unarmed." It made him feel useless, and he pretty much was if they had to fight something, he was a liability to anyone he was traveling with if he couldn't defend himself.

He turned a slightly teasing grin onto Edgar. "And you better watch out for yourself again. Try to have more uneventful nights, alright?" Although, he was intentionally not keeping an eye on his friend tonight, he knew he'd still be worried for the king the whole time. He hated not being able to watch out for him, but he also knew he couldn't be in two places at once. Besides, at this point, that whole liability thing still came into play and he didn't want to be a danger to his friend.

"You know better than to worry about me," Edgar said, though he couldn't deny he felt the same way when it came to Locke's well-being. He knew he ought not spend too much time dwelling on his friend, especially since his situation was a far cry from Terra's: Locke knew perfectly well who he was and what he could do, and on top of that, he had two years of experience Edgar hadn't even seen. He'd been there for the defeat of Kefka- what could Landel's possibly throw at him that would be any worse?

On the other hand, Locke was the one who had disappeared once before; the institute had an unfortunate record of breaking even the strongest wills. That gave the king reason enough for concern.

"It's Terra I'm trying to keep an eye on," he continued after a brief pause.

Like that was going to happen. Of course he was going to worry, but he wasn't about to argue about something both of them knew was pointless to discuss. Instead, he went with the slight topic change, his smile turning a little sad.

"So you saw met her, then. You see what I mean about not herself, then...I still can't tell if she's just lost her memories or if she hasn't even met us yet." It was possible, Edgar hadn't experienced what Locke had, not yet, that meant anyone could come from different times. He really hoped it was the institute to blame, if she hadn't even met them yet then there was no real reason for her to trust them, was there?

She'd only be meeting them for the first time; like everything they'd been through had never happened.

"Was she alright when you saw her?"

"She looked... as well as can be expected." Edgar took a short breath through his nose at that, as it was hard to know what to expect each time the morning came. He'd learned first-hand how devastating some of the nights could be, how only a few hours could make all the difference between progress and impediment. Even if Terra didn't have any obvious physical injuries, that wasn't saying the night hadn't done its damage- there were wounds that couldn't be seen, after all.

He crossed his arms stiffly, brow furrowing. "I'd be willing to bet she's never met us," Edgar answered. "There's not even the faintest recognition in her eyes when I speak to her, and I like to think I'm pretty hard to forget." It also made the most sense, from the military's standpoint: take her from a time before she learned to stand on her own, before she had true allies, when she was most easily controlled. If they were looking to use patients as weapons for their own ends, they had found one. That was the part that raised Edgar's hackles.

"You would." The teasing remark was an automatic response, but his mind was more focused on the possibility that Edgar was right. It was a good possibility and, on some sick level, it made sense. But that also meant there really was nothing he could do to help her except start over and he didn't like that option.

"Well, whether she knows us or not, we'll just have to keep an eye on her." She was still Terra and that meant she was still their friend and he was about to leave her on her own in this place. Admittedly, it was a little hard to try and watch over someone who might not trust you completely. "We can't lose hope after all." Like what Al had talked about yesterday, no matter what happened, they had to hold onto hope, for each other if not themselves. Locke was willing to keep up the optimism if it meant it helped his friends with their own.

"Agreed," Edgar said with a nod. He held in him the desire to trust Terra and her instincts, to a degree- that she could very well protect herself if it came to it. She didn't like conflict, but she could neither erase her background and the training that came with it, nor forget the abilities that came so naturally to her.

However, it really was his nature to be a hair controlling, to want to know where his friends were and what they were doing at any given time. A lost ally would only serve to hinder him further: no one could benefit from the skills of someone who wasn't there, and the disappearance of one of his comrades weighed heavily on him. He'd learned that much already.

"Especially given the announcements last night," he continued. "I suppose you heard that they're now using patients to do their dirty work. Sounds a bit too familiar, if you ask me."

"Yeah, I heard." And it left a terrible taste in his mouth. Between the soldiers and the experiments, this place just seemed more and more like the Empire. It just made him want to bring the whole thing down like they had back home.

Speaking of experiments, the thought of the food issues he was currently having resurfaced in his mind. Part of him didn't want to tell Edgar, figuring it was nothing his friend had to be concerned over, but he also knew he'd feel a bit better if he heard Edgar say there was nothing wrong with the food. It wasn't likely he'd been lied to, but there was something to say for double-checking in a place like this.

"It might seem strange, but did the food look or taste different to you this morning?"

Edgar raised an eyebrow at the question. "No, why? Were you not served the same gruel most of us have been getting?"

Either that, or there was something else afoot. He halfway expected another tainting- it wouldn't be the first time they'd poisoned the food, though doing it at the start of the day was unsettling.

Even more unsettling was if Locke felt he'd been subject to said poison. He gave his friend a cautious look, trying to judge on appearance alone.

"No...not unless everyone got something different. The guy I sat with said the food was the same as always but, to me, it looked like something had died in the bowl and rotted there. Of course, it didn't just look like that, it had to smell and taste like that too."

It was really pretty gross, he only hoped it wouldn't last long. Locke noticed the look and raised an eyebrow at his friend. "M'fine, Edgar. As far as I can tell, whatever it is is just messing with my head...like an illusion or something."

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