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Day 59: Game Room (Fourth Shift)
razing_phoenix wrote in damned
Guy's head was still spinning from finding out that his friend was back once again. He realized that he'd done a good job of keeping his cool while explaining everything to Luke, mainly because nothing would have been solved if both of them had been reeling, but...

What exactly was he going to do now? Tear and Natalia being excluded from the basement group was one thing, but Guy felt a duty to Luke that he was going to have a difficult time divorcing himself from. He realized he wasn't really Luke's servant anymore (Luke had said so himself), but with how often Luke had left this place only to return again, how could he not feel as if he needed to keep an eye on him?

Granted, it was something that they could split up among their whole group. Luke wasn't going to like the idea of being babysat, but Guy didn't know if he was comfortable with anything else. Tear and Natalia could stick with him when he headed off with Claude and Anise, but getting all of that information transmitted in the small time left before night came seemed impossible. In any case, if he made it sound more subtle -- like they were all just taking care to stick together -- then Luke would probably accept it.

The soldiers forced them apart when lunch ended, however, meaning that Guy's only option was to put up a bulletin notice and hope that things worked themselves out that way. He was pretty sure Claude still had an extra sword for Luke, so that was one weight off of his shoulders at the least. But he really didn't want Luke going off on his own at night, so any chance of preventing that was his priority.

Once a note had been posted, Guy finally agreed to go into the Game Room with most of the patients. He realized he had the ability to wander elsewhere, but it seemed pointless when there were barely any others who had the same privileges. Still, he couldn't help thinking of Sai; he still needed to track the man down at some point.

Upon entering the room and finding that it was still relatively empty, Guy started to wander in search of anything interesting to play. He could always check out one of those portable game systems again.

[For Edgar.]

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[Sorry this is a bit late!]

As the end of the day drew closer, it became more and more apparent from the intercom that the military was up to something. Being agitated about the traitor was a given, though with the knowledge that some patients were suffering hallucinations regarding the food— and of monsters, if Ryuuzaki was still under the effects of the drug the night before— it wouldn't be surprising to find they had another project in the works for the coming night. Whether or not they'd continue with their missions was another question, as it seemed some of the patients were unwilling to cooperate even when forced to do the military's bidding. Good for them, Edgar thought, though it did bring up the concern of just how desperate their captors would get. Desperation often drove even the most reasonable of men to unsavory tactics; with that in mind, just what depths would the military sink to?

As much as Edgar tried to convince himself not to worry too much about Locke, he couldn't shake the thief from his mind as he left him in the cafeteria. He was one of the unfortunate to be experiencing hallucinations, possibly related to his gassing during the night. Terra was also a major concern; however, he intended to stop by her room that night and hopefully catch her on the way out. They could travel, reconnect, and he could put his mind at ease when it came to her survival. She was a strong girl, but she'd been brought from a time where she hadn't yet found that strength. As he was still struggling inwardly with Celes' disappearance, he did not want to add another to his plate if he could help it.

Crossing into the game room, Edgar gave his soldier a nod and looked around. While he spotted a couple of familiar faces amongst the people in the room, one of note was someone he hadn't seen in some time.

"Guy," he said in greeting as he approached. It wasn't as warm as usual, but the atmosphere of the day hadn't lent itself to it.

Right as Guy was going to cave and go searching for one of those Gameboys, he heard a voice from over his right shoulder and straightened, turning to find Edgar there. While his immediate reaction was to smile, it didn't take Guy long to realize that the other man was looking a bit worn down. There were plenty of reasons for that, but he wasn't going to be so bold as to ask right away.

"Hey there," he greeted politely, realizing that the gaming devices weren't nearly as interesting as a man who could probably use said devices to make some sort of ingenious weapon. Guy had always wanted to get a closer look at what Edgar was up to in his free time, but he'd never had the chance. He realized that things like exploring the basement and watching over his friends took priority, but...

It was a good topic to start the conversation off on a lighter note. They could get into the harsher stuff later on, if it seemed like Edgar was open to it. "How have the inventions been going? Any successes yet?" He knew it was a slow process when Edgar had to go out and collect his own materials, but a few days had passed since they'd last spoken. Maybe some progress had been made.

Indeed, Edgar was already eyeing the devices throughout the room for inspiration. In spite of the concerns on his mind weighing him down, it was a habit he couldn't fight, to see what possibilities there were in the materials provided by the institute. He wasn't sure what most of the gadgets around him did, but he was sure he could put them to good use, if necessary.

It had been some time since he'd seen Guy- since before his sleep study, if he recalled the passing days correctly. It was strange to think of how quickly time passed, especially when one considered the frequency with which allies disappeared. Someone could literally be there one day and gone the next; it was a grim reminder to not take those he had for granted.

He put on a light smile, even though he was sure he looked worn. While positive he didn't appear nearly as sick as he'd been for the last few days, he couldn't deny that feeling of appearing worse for wear. Everything on his mind— Terra, Locke, the military's actions— had undoubtedly gotten to him.

"I managed to get one working," he answered quietly, "but have yet to take it on a formal test. The nights have been... busy, to say the least." And that truly was saying the very least.

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It was getting more and more difficult to ignore Edgar's demeanor. While the man had hardly ever come across as excitable, he'd at least been more animated than this, especially when talking about his accomplishments. Guy frowned, realizing that right now he might just need to cut to the chase instead of dancing around it.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," he admitted, rubbing at the back of his neck as he leaned against a nearby table. He didn't mind standing for now, though he was more than willing to take a seat if it became clear that Edgar would prefer that.

Figuring that it would be easier to get Edgar to open up if he revealed something about himself, Guy decided to relate what he'd been through the night before. "Last night my roommate didn't show up to dinner. I didn't want to believe he was gone, so I ended up heading up to the morgue. Thankfully he was there, but... yeah, that kind of ruined my other plans."

Which had really just been to rest, but taking it easy was actually pretty important in this place. Otherwise you ended up looking like Edgar did now. Guy had definitely been there, and he only hoped there was something he could do to help.

[SO SORRY ABOUT THIS. I am really going to keep it up this time, I swear.]

Edgar crossed his arms, blinking. He couldn't help the wry smile on his face in spite of his rather grim mood. There was something undeniably amusing about Guy's statement. "It's only in a place like this could one be thankful to find their friend in the morgue," he remarked. It was worth noting that tidbit of information, in the event Gren vanished suddenly. That'd be a deep loss, one he wasn't sure he was ready to face.

It was a safe assumption from his tone that his roommate was all right, in the end; however, there was a question on Edgar's mind. It was probably prying, but he reasoned it was worth asking. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. "And just how did he end up there? Aside from the obvious answer." More questionable was how he was still alive. He'd heard of resurrections at Landel's, but not actually thought it possible- to hear it was true made him wonder if it was truly the blessing it was cracked up to be. Knowing how things worked, it was unlikely such an act came without a price.

Hearing it phrased like that by Edgar made Guy realize just how absurd it was. He let out a scoff that was almost a laugh and nodded. "Tell me about it." Still, the fact that he'd found Okita there, alive and in one piece, was more or less the best result he could have hoped for.

Of course, admitting to all of that was bound to lead to questions, though Guy didn't mind answering them. He realized that Okita probably didn't want this spread around, but he wasn't planning to give a name and he didn't think Edgar would be blabbing about it either way. From what Guy could tell, Edgar was usually off the radar in this place. He certainly didn't stand out as much as some other patients, anyway.

"He... didn't get the chance to tell me much. All I really got out of him was that he was in the medical wing when... well, when whatever it was happened." The exact details of Okita's death were still a mystery to him, but his lack of wounds made it likely that it was something internal. "I'm not sure why he was brought back while other people weren't." It seemed completely random, but Guy figured there had to be some logic behind it.

An indistinct noise escaped Edgar as he put a hand to his chin, thinking. Why some patients were chosen for resurrection while others weren't was yet another question to which he expected he'd never find a clear answer. It seemed to contradict the apparent motivations of the military: if they truly were grooming only the strongest patients for their plans, weeding out the ones they saw unfit for their work, why have those who failed to survive brought back from the dead?

One thing was evident: while life at Landel's as a captive wasn't ideal, it was better than death. There'd be no fighting back from the grave.

"Well, at least he's alive," Edgar noted a little pensively, his mind wandering elsewhere as it played with the possibilities of death and his companions.

It seemed that this conversational topic had only caused Edgar to fall further into a contemplative mood. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, though Guy couldn't tell for sure if the man was upset by something or just in deep thought. Maybe if he'd known him a little better he would have been able to distinguish, but as things stood...

Guy had played his part in this talk, so now it was time to see if he could get any information out of Edgar. The swordsman cleared his throat and placed a hand on his hip, giving the other man a searching look. "But how about you? You seem a little under the weather. Did something happen?"

Chances were the answer to that was yes, but the real question was what it had been and how bad it was. Guy could only hope that Edgar would open up to him.

"Hm?" Edgar blinked, only to finally concede. He had spoken with Guy a few times, but ultimately knew little about the man- if he recalled correctly, most of their conversations quickly moved onto the topic of machines, one interest they both seemed to share. However, while Edgar always enjoyed speaking of his inventions as a source of pride, there were more important matters happening all around them. There was no turning a blind eye to the changes in the institute over the days since they'd last spoken, nor to the changes in himself. Time moved so quickly- how long had it been since the experimentation?

Hm. He realized his hesitation probably spoke volumes if someone he hardly knew could sense it. Now, where to begin?

"A lot has happened, to be honest," he said, lowering his voice. He leaned into the nearest wall, occasionally surveying the room before returning his eyes to Guy. "Two of my companions from my world have been brought here within the past few days, both with curious memory problems: one doesn't remember his time here before, but suddenly knows about the future of our home; the other doesn't recall having ever met me at all."

It took a few seconds, but Edgar eventually started talking and Guy was careful to listen closely. Now that they'd gone down this road, he needed to make it clear that he was both interested and supportive. He didn't want Edgar to feel like he'd just asked to make conversation. Guy was genuinely curious.

Of course, it always went back to friends in this place. It was probably the easiest way for the people in charge to get at them, because in the end everyone had connections. There were people who were more heartless, people like Sync, but the majority of them had a number of people who they cared about and would die for.

"Huh," he said once Edgar had finished. "I've had the first one happen to me before. Well, one particular friend of mine has been in and out of this place four times now." It was particularly relevant seeing how he'd just found Luke at lunch. Or rather, Luke had found him. "Each time he forgets everything about Landel's, but I think in terms of back home, he remembers as much as there is." Did that mean that Luke wasn't set to experience any more memories on Auldrant itself? No. Guy wouldn't let himself believe that. They just had to make it happen.

"The other situation is new to me, though. Do they have amnesia or something? How well did you know each other?" Guy had to admit it would be pretty horrible to have someone like Jade show up and realize that the man didn't even recognize him, though he had to wonder if that might be a result of the person in question being taken from the "past," so to speak.

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