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Night 59: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
bastard_sadi wrote in damned
[Coming from here.]

Daemon glided out into the wider corridor and paused for a moment, letting Renji join him, taking a moment to probe the shadows with his senses, looking for anything out of the norm. There was a tingle down his spine, the sensation of being watched, though he couldn't find its exact location, just the knowledge that it was there. He paused, debating on whether it was worth the effort of searching out, or leaving it to others while he and Renji kept heading for the stairs. He could see them from here, the door illuminated by his witchlight just off to his right.

He waited for Renji to join him, figuring the Shinigami would want a say.

"There are things moving in the shadows," he murmured to the redhead as the male moved out from the corridor behind him. Daemon didn't look at all disturbed by this statement, floating a few inches above the ground with a relaxed grace that was utterly foreign for their situation. Looking almost bored, he studied his black-tinted nails with a sleepy, hooded gaze.

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[From here.]

As Edgar neared the main hallway that he found his need for haste was not without grounding: the southern corridor was caked in blood, the pink glow on the walls bathing the hall in a more crimson light than that in the rooms. He was stunned for a moment: though violence was nothing new for him, it was certainly a first to see such a sight in Landel's. Emergency, indeed- but what had caused it?

With his flashlight, Edgar knelt to inspect a corpse that sat along one of the walls- one of the creatures that roamed the halls at night had met with an unfortunate end. Had a patient done this, then? He hadn't seen enough of the monsters to know if they'd attack one another, but given the amount of control over them and the patients, it didn't seem likely. He'd heard that the brainwashed patients who were taken for "special counseling" were pitted against their friends at night, sometimes given their abilities back- perhaps one regained their memories and was running amok. He had yet to witness such a thing for himself, but there had to be some validity to the claim, as it was made again and again over the board and through word-of-mouth.

He wiped sweat from his brow as he stood, putting a hand to his chest- there was that discomfort again, the feeling all too familiar. He had to keep moving, and hopefully find Terra before she wandered off. Curiosity killed the cat, after all.

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