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Nightshift 59: M41-M50 Hallway
lemon, strange situation, something is not right
bitpartgod wrote in damned
Kibitoshin wasn’t sure what alarmed him the most; the wailing sirens and the juddering blare of the computer voice or the aching gap their sudden absence left behind.

He sat in his room, heart pounding, feeling as though the floor were writhing under his boots. Writhing, and shifting, too. What was happening here? What had already happened? He could still feel the commotion zinging through his skin, could still see the uncomfortable pink glow—pink, now there was bad colour for now, it was far too close to red to make him feel safe. Other than that, though, the world around him seemed unchanged. Same room, same box, same boots stood neatly beside them.

But it was different. He could just tell, the way you felt someone’s eyes staring into your back in the pitch black, or that you’d reached the top step on a flight of stairs. Something inside him so very and so perfectly natural could sense a subtle shift.

Unsteadily- he didn’t know why he was unsteady, but as he rose his head spun a little- he moved for his box to get changed. At least he could spare himself the embarrassment of changing in front of Ritsu now that he knew they were both male. Goodness only knew he felt uneasy enough as it was, and right now he needed the comfort of his old uniform more than ever if he was really going to go out there and help Peter still.

Which he was. Definitely.

“H-hey, I need to go. I’m going to be around to heal people, so- so if you need help, I might be able to find you,” he told his roommate, hopping slightly as he pulled on his left boot. “Be careful, okay? I have a bad feeling about this.”

With that he tied his sash about his waist, stepped out of his room- and suddenly understood.

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Though he didn't really want to leave Depth Charge, especially with the strange announcement over the intercom and the pink glow that accompanied it, covering the walls and the furniture in the room, the Scarecrow knew he had to get out of the room and away from everything, even if for just a moment. There was so much to think about, and he really wasn't sure if his damaged, human brain could handle it all. He felt as though everything was spinning around him, though that couldn't be right- buildings didn't move like that unless they were in a twister.

And for all the noise he could hear echoing in the hallways, it certainly didn't seem like a twister had taken the building from its foundation and flung it to a land faraway.

The Scarecrow waited by the door a moment, eyeing the rest of the corridor. He touched the wall across from his room tentatively, making sure the pink glow wasn't some sort of harmful magic- it had to be magic of some sort, he reasoned, but it didn't seem to react to him. Figuring it wasn't going to hurt him any more than it hadn't already, he leaned into it, pressing his forehead to the wall as he closed his eyes.

They had done the right thing, hadn't they? They'd been thanked by the Major personally, had saved not only Rosemarie's life, but another as well... and yet, he didn't feel that much better about it. He still had no idea where Mele was, of if he'd ever see her again.

There was that distinct pain in his chest, that emptiness that had been growing there since he'd discovered she'd been released. It had to be his heart being wrenched in half- surely that was it. He wasn't sure there was anything to be done about it, anymore.

Clicking his flashlight on, the Scarecrow looked to the ring still clasped in his hand. He slid it onto one finger for now, continuing down the hallway. He might never discover what happened to Mele, but hiding in his room got him nowhere, either. He could at least try to find out what the disturbance was.

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