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Night 59: Main Hallway, 1-East
everyone's looking for relief.
unheroed wrote in damned
[From here.]

After a point, the hallway cleared out entirely due to them passing all of the other pairs of patients that had been meeting up or waiting around. The sirens had shut off by now and it had left everything deadly quiet as a result. Harvey clenched a fist around his metal pipe, fighting off the paranoia that something was lurking around the corner waiting for them.

"So... you were here last night, right? I know it's somewhere around here, but..." His guess was that it was one of the doors straight ahead, but he figured that he'd let Jones take the lead from here on out, at least until they got to an area that was uncharted for both of them.

Harvey realized that he was probably going to have to bust open any locked doors. It was a mild annoyance, but he had to admit that it would be detrimental for both of them if Jones strained his wounds by going even one round with one of those locks.

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[From here.]

The other end of the hallway was even quieter than the last as they crossed into it. Edgar listened for the skittering sounds they'd heard before, looked for the telltale legs or webbing as they traversed the passage; nothing so far, but he knew better than to be fooled.

They passed the door to the Medical Wing, which he recognized from his night with Ryuuzaki. He briefly wondered how a man like himself was faring, given that there were both monsters and patients running amok. Did he even have combat training? Edgar sighed to himself- he could only hope he hadn't made any enemies who would use the opportunity to strike against him.

Webs began to appear along the walls and ceiling as they reached the stairwell. Edgar readied his improvised weapon, pointing his light where he expected the creature to be... only to find it wasn't there. His expression remained impassive as he took another look around. Perhaps it could have escaped into the stairwell, or—

There was a noise from the way they came- a fwump as something dropped from above, followed by the hissing from before. "Behind us!"

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