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Day 60: Music Room (Fourth Shift)
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stray_shinigami wrote in damned
It wasn't often that Renji felt less like punching people in general as his day wore on. This was a new experience for him. A not unwelcome one, if he was being honest. And the fact that he felt less like punching Fai? Kind of mind-blowing. The sort of thing Zen masters would probably use as a kouan to reach an all-new level of non-punching enlightenment.

So he was back from the dead, almost everyone he'd known was gone, and yet bizarrely his day felt like it was looking up. Kind of. Renji wasn't sure what to make of this. Maybe his grumpy meter was just nearing empty. That was as good an explanation as the next, considering how this place made him feel.

Whatever the reason, he ended up in the music room. And he remembered oh yeah. He'd always kind of hated this damn shift. He grabbed a little book of music and a drum and retreated quickly to the far end of the room. He put the drum down in front of him just so he looked like he was doing something and opened the book. But he had no idea how to read music, and really, he was more interested in the ongoing puzzle of what the hell had happened in the last four weeks.

And brooding. Of course. There was always brooding to be done.

[Okay Tolten, let me lay it out for you. When there's a mommy and a daddy... or sometimes a daddy and a dadddy. Or, hell, sometimes a mommy and a mommy if you buy the right kind of wood cuts (and a third mommy if you go to just the right shop)... but anyway when they love each other very much, or at least a suitably large amount of money changes hands, there are some things that happen...]

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From what she'd seen, Sonia had to say she preferred being treated this way to being ordered around like a SWATbot. But when it came down to it, she was still a prisoner here. And she wasn't sure what she hated more: that Landel and the new guards had the nerve to act like nothing was wrong, or that they kept calling her "Sophie". Renamon had told her the food was better when Landel was in charge, though; that, Sonia could agree with. Hopefully she'd never see another bowl of that pink stuff again.

Soon after she finished her lunch, she excused herself for a moment to get away from her escort. She was still thinking about what she'd read on the message board earlier. Were there really other people here with powers?

That was what she'd been getting from the notes, anyway. She should have figured that was the reason they'd brought her here. Not because of her dedication to the resistance, or her royal lineage, or the part she was meant to play in overthrowing Robotnik--though all of those things must have had some role in their decision.

Maybe everyone here had some kind of special ability. An ability that was unique to them! (...Could there really be people here who were meant to be immortal?)

That still didn't explain why Sonic and Manic weren't here. All she could think of was that it might have something to do with the pendant. After all, she was the only one who had been physically affected by it.

But after last night, what Sonia had been worried about since the minute she woke up here was sitting at the front of her mind, and now that she was finally alone with her thoughts, it was starting to get to her. Had Aguilar, or-- whatever had brought her here left any clues behind for Sonic and Manic? Or would it have seemed to them that...

What if they thought she'd disappeared? Unless someone told them she was here, they wouldn't think she was in another dimension. Would they? She put her hand where her medallion was meant to be and watched in a mirror as her new eyes filled with tears.

As she wiped them from her face, more came down, and she shook her head. No! She couldn't give up! She had to find a way out of here. She had to help these people! She wouldn't let Mother down. After another moment, her tears were gone, and she left the restroom to walk in silence with the woman.

"What will it be, Sophie?"

She wasn't going to tell her again that that wasn't her name, not when she knew the woman would ignore her, but she scowled anyway.

"What about the music room?"

"Huh?" Her entire face softened in surprise. This place had a music room? She'd never noticed it before; something she felt like hitting herself over once she saw how close it was to the message board.

Sonia went in and looked around, in awe of the amount of equipment they had here. They also had sheet music, and even instruction manuals! Feeling a grin coming on for the first time that day, the princess got in front of the keyboard to play a few warm-up scales. She had barely started, though, when she hit a few wrong notes. Oh yeah... she thought, wiggling her fingers in front of her. These new hands might take a while to get used to. Maybe she should play a bit slower. When she did, things went a lot smoother. With the sound of music around her, she could already feel her mind clearing. One side of her mouth curved into a small smile while she concentrated on her finger placement.

[The Scarecrow!]

Though he still had a lot on his mind, the Scarecrow had to admit he was feeling better after his conversation with Sergeant Carter. Despite that they'd faced a lot of awful things together— in fact, just about every time they'd run into each other, they found something amiss— the man knew how to bring a smile to his face, even if it was one in thin hope. He'd take that over no hope at all.

The Scarecrow's nurse noticed his brightened mood, and decided to help matters by not giving him the option of moping about in the Sun Room for the shift. She led him to the Music Room, leaving him at the entrance and encouraging him to go in. Of all the rooms in the Institute, he'd often thought that particular room was a bit closer to home than the rest. It wasn't that he recognized the instruments, or even knew how to play one himself; however, the sound of songs sometimes emanating from the space made him feel as though he were back in Oz, ready to spring off his pole and onto the Yellow Brick Road with a jaunty tune.

And it seemed as though the glum atmosphere the military had brought with them had been lifted even further as there was indeed someone playing one of the oblong instruments. He recognized neither the device nor the tune, but just the sound of simple music was enough to draw his attention. He headed over, only to see a familiar face.

"How do you do, Sonia?" he greeted. "I wasn't aware you liked music!" Then again, he'd only seen her a few times, and there wasn't much of a chance at either to discuss happier topics. He ought not have been surprised.

Sonia looked up when she heard a familiar voice and smiled when she saw who it was, taking her fingers off the keys so neither of them would be forced to raise their voice. "Like music?" she said playfully. "Obviously you haven't heard of the Sonic Underground."

She didn't actually expect him to know what she was talking about. Even if they'd both come from the same world, there were still a lot of people back home who wouldn't have made the connection between her first name and appearance or heard of their band. Unless he'd lived in one of those sectors of Robotropolis that had wanted posters, but Scarecrow didn't strike Sonia as being a city person.

Not that people really had a choice about where they lived these days.

"Why, no!" the Scarecrow replied, eyeing the instrument between them before bringing his eyes back to her, briefly wondering if he should try playing an instrument, or at least learning. He was sure with his brain given to him by the Wizard that he'd actually know what all went into playing one- aside from that, his only experience with them had been seeing the Ozites play them at times in the city.

He continued his thought, setting aside that one for the time being. "What is it?"

"It's the band my brothers and I formed after we met." Sonia put her hands on her hips and smiled again, more than happy to clarify. "I'm on the keyboard--" she gestured to the instrument between them, "--while they play guitar and percussion. Oh, and we all do vocals."

Her smile grew that little bit more. They'd known each other for a little while now, and they hardly knew anything about each other. Like, how did he end up with the name 'Scarecrow'? Had that been his idea or someone else's? She wanted to know more. "Do you play any instruments?"

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