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Day 60: Intercom, Evening
New Intercom
damned_intercom wrote in damned
The intercom jingled at its standard time, with the Head Doctor still in his over-the-top, jovial mood. It seemed not even the evening light could keep down the love he held for his job.

"Good evening, everyone! I hope your soul is filled with music from last shift; I know mine is."

There again was a stretch of silence. When the Head Doctor continued, he sounded marginally disappointed.

"But now it's time to wind down the day with a bit of dinner. Tonight, we'll be serving turkey breasts and quality gravy, with sides of garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, grilled asparagus, and a small salad. For dessert, we will be having pumpkin pie with optional whipped creme. As per usual, we will have our vegetarian alternatives and a wide selection of drinks available. Turkey lovers, be sure to take advantage of the food; it'll be an entire week before you can have this delectable meat again."

He chuckled at the statement. One might have labeled it as dark.

"Anyway, enjoy! I will wish you all a good night momentarily!"

The intercom clicked off.

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And in the course of a single day, it seemed all of the changes the military had made were undone, with not a trace they'd ever been there in sight. The nurses denied anything ever having happened, the menu was back to normal... even the Head Doctor sounded chipper, as though he'd never left. Edgar sighed quietly as the nurse bid him a goodnight, sending him into his room alone.

The tray went onto the desk as he resigned to eat after a bit of inspection. It wasn't as though they'd turned back the clock- in his closet were his possessions, including the box the military had assigned the patients and his military uniform. Curious that they'd allow the captives to keep such an obvious sign there had been a military occupation, but he supposed that was one of the benefits of being in a position of power the likes of Landel: he was confident in his movements because he knew he could be. After all, what could be done against him when he had complete control of the staff and over the lives of his wards?

Another sigh- it was irritating to admit they were at the mercy of Landel, and growing more so with each passing day. It was one thing to be bound by the chains of responsibility that came with being king; to be in the confines of the institution with only a vague idea of how the situation at home was going without his presence, watching his friends disappear around him... it was maddening.

He paced restlessly for a moment before finally taking his seat, trying the meal. Even with his frustration, he had to admit the return of the regular diet was a welcome change.

The day had gone pretty quietly, all things considered. There had been some very strange things going on over at the bulletin board (claiming things for long-dead countries? What had that been about?) and not too much excitement otherwise. People seemed to be taking the sudden lack of military presence more-or-less in stride.

He himself was willing to go along with it for now--he very much doubted that they'd seen the last of them, but quite frankly, he was worn out worrying about it. He'd take whatever reprieve he could get.

He walked into the room, setting down his tray (definitely not the sort of food he had any appetite for at this point of the day, but a nice change from pink nonetheless) and nodded slightly to Edgar as he sat down.


Edgar glanced over his shoulder as Gren entered, giving the other man a nod. It felt like it'd been some time since they'd had a conversation. With all the changes in the institute and Gren's experience with the military, Edgar was curious for his thoughts on the matter; however, he knew that was touchy ground for his roommate.

Well, it didn't hurt to try. "I trust the day found you better than it has in some time."

"Definitely, yes," he replied, smiling a little. The lack of military all over the place had certainly left him feeling a little more relaxed, if not completely at ease. But given the fact that they'd all been kidnapped and were being held against their will, Gren doubted anyone was ever really at ease unless they were blissfully unaware enough to not sense the danger.

"Although it does make me wonder where our militant friends have run off to," he added. That was one thing that was going to continue to bother him. He couldn't believe they'd simply abandon things, especially when it seemed they were intimately tied to whatever the institute's real purpose was.

"I've spent much of the day wondering that, myself," Edgar said, taking another bite of his meal and using the pause to think. "With all the resources they used taking over this place, you'd think whatever took them down would have to be monumental... which raises the question of what did happen, aside from what we witnessed."

There was a lot that had occurred the previous night: the magic on the walls, the apparent return of patients' powers- something had to have happened that allowed Landel to get a foothold in the institute again, but whether it was due to his alliance with the rebels or some act of his captives was yet to be seen.

"Yeah, that's what worries me. It seems like they gave up pretty easily." Which... just didn't make sense. Why expend that much energy taking over a place and trying to control it, just to go running off a few nights later? He'd missed most of the commotion himself, but what he'd read on the bulletin board didn't paint the sort of picture he would have expected of something that had managed to drive off an entire armed force...

"Politics, maybe." That was all he could figure. That was the only thing he could think of that would make an army pack up and turn around in the middle of an objective. "There's got to be something bigger going on, somewhere." Bigger than them, bigger than Landel, bigger than those military goons. "Not so sure I want to know what that is, though." It probably wouldn't be good, and they were all stuck in the middle of it.

Edgar's mind followed a similar train of thought. "Agreed. There's always a larger threat out there, and given how unfamiliar this world is to some of us... I'm not sure any of us know what it is that could bring down a military faction like Aguilar's. If it was Landel, then how did he amass enough power to not only return to the building he was tossed out of only a week before? And if not, who would want him back in control of this place so badly? Especially if he was removed once. There's no saying it couldn't happen again."

A pause followed his words as he looked to his closet again- the military uniform was still in there, but was it waiting for the General's return? He shook his head. "That, along with the strange magic on the walls last night... it is puzzling."

"Yeah," he sighed a little, feeling the weight of this whole mess settling on his shoulders again. "I guess we'll just have to see. In the meantime, I'm not going to pretend I don't like being treated a bit more like a human being again."

Aguilar might have been more up-front about information, but he also didn't give a damn who got hurt in his pursuit of results. If anything Landel had said or done could be believed, he at least viewed them as something more than rats running through a cage. Which wasn't to say Gren wouldn't have clocked him if he ever met him face-to-face, but even a trace of humanity went a long way in his book.

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