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Nightshift 60: West Wing, South Hall 1-A
night riding
toxicspiderman wrote in damned
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S.T was navigating by a fingertip on the wall and the slight breeze of a functioning HVAC system. The halls were dark again. Completely empty, too. He was out early. And he was still thinking.

Something so fallible, he'd said. So that talk about a device had been true? Freaky. Maybe he really wasn't human. Replaced by a machine, and pouting about it. Long live the industrial revolution. He was glad he'd taken the radio. If they were going to be treated to another very special episode, he wanted to hear it.

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The Scarecrow fumbled through his things as he walked, trying to occupy his hands so that his mind had less time to think and ponder over all that plagued it these days. He'd never had so much to think and worry over in Oz; perhaps human brains only had a certain capacity, and once they were full, that was all they could ever hold. His already seemed infinitely less capable than the one the Wizard had granted him, but he had to take into consideration that his had also been tampered with during his sleep study. It was hard for someone unfamiliar with human forms to know what was normal and what wasn't.

He checked to make sure he hadn't left without something important. He had his journal tucked into one pocket- it contained his map. His flashlight was in his hand. He hadn't bothered with his shoes, thinking he probably wouldn't leave the building. The ring... Well, he wasn't sure where the gem would take him if he broke it, and he wasn't sure Depth Charge wanted him using it; however, if worse came to worst, he supposed his roommate would forgive him. It was better to stay alive than risk the alternative, he assumed.

He crossed into the main hallway, which was far calmer than it had been the night before- not a click-clicker in sight.

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