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Nightshift 60: Main Hallway, 1-West
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toxicspiderman wrote in damned
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Even the main hall was deserted. S.T. switched on his flashlight and took a look around. Yeah, it was empty. No roadkill, no other patients. If he ever made it home, he was never bitching at any of the girls who didn't want to do night ops alone again. It was different when you knew there were things out there in the darkness. Things that knew they had the upper hand or just didn't give a fuck.

He whistled something that, if anyone listening could shelve their sense of pitch for long enough to identify it, switched back and forth between the Twilight Zone and Batman themes.

[by your powers combined Team Mental Quest]

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[From here.]

They entered the main hallway, which was as populated as it ever had been at night... well, on ordinary nights, anyway. It was a lot less chaotic than it had been only one evening before- no monsters or witches in sight.

The Scarecrow smiled, relief washing over him. Despite his usually optimistic attitude, he'd expected it to be a mess by the time he'd returned for a second crossing, and to find it looking as dark and dreary as it was normally was a blessing.

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"How do they have that power?"

To command someone's mind and being, and then simply put them back to rights after a night? That manner of power was beyond Lust's knowledge and experience and that frightened her. So far she had encountered nothing that she couldn't relate to something from her former life.

Now this.

Lust followed after Frank, her arms wrapped around herself and her boots clicking on the floor. What if they tried to do it to her? What would happen?

"How can they possibly do something like that?"

"I wish I could answer those questions for you, but I don't know myself," the Scarecrow said, crossing the corridor as he headed for the stairs. "I don't think anyone does. There are a lot of things about Wizard Landel that we don't know, and this whole military mess made things even more complicated."

He waved his flashlight as he clicked it off and on to show her where to follow. Peering into the stairwell to make sure there were no witches waiting for them, he stepped through the door.

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