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Nightshift 60: West Wing, North Hall 1-A
not so sure about this
complicatedliar wrote in damned
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Again he paused, this time just outside the doorway. Toward the end of the hall he saw a bit of light, which probably meant that was the door to the outside. And immediately on his left was another door, open, which just lead to another hall. That was the direction he wanted, according to his memory. He took another moment to listen, but heard nothing of interest other than the vague sounds of humans moving around. Which was only to be expected, since he wasn't the only rat starting his run of the maze.

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Edgar crossed through the corridors quickly, keeping his eyes ahead of him. Even so, he was observant to the hallways around him- no pink glow covering the walls, the calm atmosphere a far cry from the carnage that filled every passage only one night prior. It did seem things were truly back to normal.

Well, as normal as they got at Landel's, anyway.

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