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Night 60: Recreational Field
❦ rose garden.
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To be honest, it was colder than he had expected. It very well hadn't been the middle of winter in Makai, so Kurama cited that as the reason why he would be so unaccustomed to the sudden climate change now.

He allowed his demon core to burn a little stronger to counteract the outward chill, for the moment ignoring his initial decision to mask his demonic aura for the night. Really, if he had known, he would have just taken the coat with him, but since he hadn't... well, then he best do what he'd come here to do as quickly as he could. Such was one of the things he missed about having fur. But he wasn't going to try for any transformations yet -- not until he had figured out what limitations had been placed on him first.

Holding a hand up to keep his hair out of his face, Kurama took in the surroundings around him that had been labeled as the 'Recreation Field' on his map. It was a moderately-large field and the grass was neatly trimmed. Nothing here that would be useful for him then. Grass was hardly a good type of plant to channel youki into, anyway. In a pinch, it could be useful, but if he wanted a sturdy weapon, he would had to go find something less flexible.
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Through the hallways and out the doors, Edgar reached the recreational field without trouble. The air outside chilled him, stifling that heat that burned in his chest nightly- it seemed he'd picked a good night to test out his magic.

Not here, though- though he'd been to the field several times at night, he had yet to see anything worthy of note out there; however, he'd seen the reports on the board, and was not about to test his luck within the grounds of the institute. He looked to the north, and to the wall that surrounded the building. That was an option he preferred.

Keeping close to the wall for cover, Edgar readied his shovel and began making his way toward the shed that sat in the corner of the field. If nothing else, the crossing was bound to be easier than when he'd gone over with Gren and torn his stitches. It seemed so long ago- how time did fly when one was preoccupied.

Reaching the shed, Edgar stepped behind it, opting to use the building to cover his back as he scaled the wall. Though he hadn't seen anything in the field, he wasn't in the habit of taking risks. His tall frame helped him reach the top, snow biting his skin as he gripped the surface. With little effort, he was up and over.

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