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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Nightshift 60: Doctor's Office 1
water color girl
thecamellia wrote in damned
[from here]

The room across from Professor Stein’s old office was furnished, if only sparsely. That made Tsubaki think there had to be a doctor using it, which gave her hope.

Once she had stepped into the room, the desk in the back resolved itself in the gloom, along with the big shape sitting on its surface. A computer monitor was pretty unmistakable, all things considered. Yes, there’s one!

“There,” whispered Tsubaki. “They have a computer.”

Now came the hard part! Sneaking around a computer wasn’t the same thing as sneaking around a building--physical traps she could deal with, but virtual ones were another story. Hopefully nothing happened when they started poking around. Were appliances like this even getting power?

Nightshift 60: Pantry 1
helicopter's eye view
toxicspiderman wrote in damned
[from here]

The pantry was free of cockroaches, spiders (not counting Peter) and ephemeral naked gonzo journalists. Which was good, because there was barely enough room for six of them, and materializing in the middle of any of those was Star Trek season three material. Transporter accidents were the future's airplanes -- unless terrorists were involved, safer than taking a shower in your own house, but people didn't understand how it worked.

They didn't understand hydrostatic pressure, but turning a shower knob looked easier than a Christmas tree of dials and lights sunfished across a cockpit or a console.

He shoved the tines of the ring into the back of his hand and pulled out a glittering red stone. "Looks like we're all in one piece." Separate individual pieces, too. Always important.

"Kreuger actually here, or is this some kind of Canadian hockey mask allusion thing?" With S.T. as the racist American hick. Or it could really be Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Where Do Dreams Go When They Die?

It was based on a real medical oddity -- bunch of Cambodian refugees with understandably fucked up nightmares had heart attacks in their sleep, and a porno/art-film nobody had a smash hit. Better to think about that than the plot, which hit a little too close to the truth here for comfort. It was going to be a while before he could watch another horror flick and be able to laugh at people's heads getting blown off.