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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Night 60: Cafeteria
[aku] durhur
oneman_onekill wrote in damned
[from here]

And here they were! It seemed like just the other night--oh wait, it had been just the other night since they had last been here. Of course, this time there were no hordes of monsters chasing after them or bursting out from under tables...yet. Yet was the key word, and as fond as Niikura was of taking his sweet time when he felt like it, he wanted to get out of the cafeteria before "yet" ran out.

"So I have no idea what to expect once we get down there," he said casually as he walked down an aisle, guessing this was as good a time as any to admit that his research had gone rather shoddily, if only to dispel some of the heavy silence that seemed to be sitting pretty in the room. Admittedly, it wasn't shoddy because of him. People just couldn't talk about what happened in the basement, which made it that much more interesting and appealing in his opinion.

Niikura edged smartly around the corner of the counter in the back and paused at the door to the kitchen. "I take that back. I do have some idea. Apparently there's a sphinx somewhere, so, y'know, it's gonna ask us a riddle so just be prepared to think outside the box a bit." He then knelt down to examine the lock. It was another one of those sketchy ones that just required some brute force or some poison from a demon lord-turned-human, whichever one happened to be available at the time.

"Anyone wanna do the honors? I'll just give it a whack otherwise."