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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Night 60: Bus Unloading Area
i've walked the distance
poorexample wrote in damned
[From here.]

The sensation of the crisp night air causing his face to sting was not completely new, but Castiel was still hardly used to it. Temperature hadn't affected his vessel before he'd been drained of his power, and it was yet another aspect of being more human that got under his skin, literally. The trenchcoat he was wearing had a practical use now, and he grabbed at one of the flaps with a temporarily free hand (his flashlight was tucked under his arm), pulling it tighter around himself.

"Dean," he started, ignoring the way that his breath became visible in front of him, "we now know for certain that there is a device that is limiting our strength. If we can locate that again and disable it permanently, escape will become possible." It was a better lead than he'd found during his whole time here, and he didn't think it should be downplayed.

The area in front of the institute contained a few buses, all which were parked and seemingly at rest. Castiel eyed them. He didn't even know how to drive a car, but Dean certainly did. He glanced over at the man. "What are the chances that you could get one of those working?"

Night 60: Kitchen
isn't it tragic?
unheroed wrote in damned
[From here.]

Being at the head of a group of six was definitely a good feeling, even if it also meant that Harvey would be the first one to get attacked if something found them. His need to be in charge often battled with his own logical sense of self-preservation. Before the accident, the former had almost always won out, coupled with some urge to be the hero. Now it was a little bit different.

For the moment, though, it looked like the kitchen was completely empty save for them. That didn't meant that something wasn't hiding in the shadows, though. It could even be that guy that had managed to set both him and Jones on fire, which Harvey was not looking to repeat.

For that reason, he quickly moved toward the door that would let them into the fridge. Unfortunately, being the first ones here meant that the lock hadn't been broken yet. Being in the lead also meant that Harvey had to be the one to deal with this. Sighing, he grabbed for his metal pipe and started to work at the lock with it. The clanging sounds were enough to make him nervous, especially after the close call that he and Jones had dealt with last night, but he knew he couldn't hesitate.