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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Night 60: Walk-In Refrigerator
close-up, not my kidding face, serious
scalyfishman wrote in damned
[from here]

Another part he'd rehearsed enough: finding the loose tile. Depth Charge didn't waste any time bothering about the cold before heading in its general direction, crowbar at the ready to pry it back once he found it. Or someone found it. Truth was, he wasn't sure exactly where to look. At least this time he had the grace to give someone else the room to look at the same time. Hey, he'd never been one for filling in the details so long as the overall picture looked good.

Again, he glanced back at the rest of the good, frowning a little against the shadow as he counted off heads, one taking a second glance before he remembered that the kid had left his outfit behind. Still, it was unnerving. At least he'd been able to willfully ignore that Spider-Man was young before. In fact, was he really even a Spider-Man anymore?

Still, so far, so good.