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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Night 60: Grand Ballroom
shit just got real (ex face-off)
vsyourface wrote in damned
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As they descended the stairs, Scott's eyes darted away from the marble doors on the ballroom's south side. He couldn't help looking back up at Indy as his head turned, almost as if to make sure the man wasn't secretly a ghost that would disappear on them at any moment. ...Then again, if he was a ghost, wasn't turning around supposed to make Indy disappear anyway? Or was that the wrong type of ghost? Either way, Scott didn't look back for long, assuring himself that they weren't going to lose the adventurer again.

As his gaze moved back down, however, the black doors on the opposite side of the ballroom didn't inspire much more confidence. They didn't have any of the ornate imagery that the other doors had. Instead, they formed solid, heavy black slabs in the wall, like twin monoliths, or those creepy "SOUND ONLY" things from that one anime Envy liked.

He gripped Senna's sword and slipped his flashlight into his pocket as the party reached the bottom of the stairs, facing the ominous doors. Scott's mouth was getting dry again as flashes of that other night played in his head. "Well. Here we are," he said. Even at a volume just above a whisper, his voice seemed to fill the space.

Night 60: Front Desk (Medical Wing)
believein0 wrote in damned
[From here.]

This place looked the same as it did three nights ago... Except this time they were the only prisoners here. No distracting traffic, more room to roam quietly, and as result, a better chance for them to hear if something unfriendly was trying to sneak up on them. Not to mention being the first ones here meant everything was undisturbed and where it should be, so they didn't have to worry about missing out on useful supplies or the drugs (assuming some were still around here, of course).

And now they could continue their conversation from earlier. The information Erika provided on the different trials cleared a few things up for Zero. He had spent the night after the first drug trial getting supplies with two people unaffected by the second trial, which Erika said had happened that night. So it made sense why he hadn't heard about the second trial until now, especially since she said few people had been affected by that trial to begin with.

"Yeah, I guess I just somehow missed hearing about the second trial." Zero stopped walking momentarily and stared down the dark hallway before them, thinking. Where do they go from here... His knowledge of this area was limited; he'd only fully explored that 'MRI room' area last time, never finding the room where the drugs had been. But perhaps Erika knew?

"Do you know where the drugs were kept here?" he asked, turning to face her. "I wasn't able to find it when I went looking for it before."
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Night 60: Main Hallway, 2-East
melodists wrote in damned
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The entry hallway to the second level happened to be quiet--dare she say, virtually deserted. Tear gave a thoroughly look and feel for the area before signalling Mikado to move ahead. She remained by his side, keeping all senses open for potential dangers. Hopefully none was present, but with this building, a person could never be sure.