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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Night 60: Chapel
corvus_veritas wrote in damned
[Bursting in from here; m-u effects have now worn off.]

Good thing the chapel doors were already wide open, otherwise the panicking prosecutor might have collided with them on his desperate sprinting spree. As it was, he nearly fell over trying to stop himself once he actually got into the chapel.


... Where...what?

Byrne stood there at the entrance of the chapel, breathless, his thoughts slowly catching up with him after his madman dash over here. There was no one here but himself. The red pews were empty, the room was still, and the only sounds he could hear came from a demonic looking fountain in the room, running red. No sign of a girl in a white dress anywhere.

Confused, he tried to think of why Kay would have just vanished, and more rational thoughts finally entered his head.

She......she hadn't been real, had she?

Just think about it, Faraday. An angelic figure? Your daughter? Why would she suddenly appear, looking like that? You know she's not that age anymore, not to mention she escaped days ago. You just wanted to see her. And so what the hell did you do? Run all the way over here for an imaginary figure? Left your partner and only protection behind? You dumbass, you'd have jumped right into a pit of spikes if Landel promised Kay would be at the bottom of them! You only have yourself you blame, you know that? Idiot!

Byrne winced and rubbed his face with his hands as his rational mind continued chewing him out for being so stupid. No need to turn around and go back, at least. He was certain Badd would follow him here, and he was more certain his partner would be wondering why the hell he'd just run in here, too. Oh, man...how was he going to explain this...

Night 60: Road to Doyleton
and our chances flowing by
poorexample wrote in damned
[From here.]

While it had taken some time for Dean to get the bus started, now there seemed to be little trouble with getting it moving. It was a far cry from the Impala -- even Castiel knew that -- but it seemed like so long as it had a steering wheel and traveled on land, Dean knew how to drive it.

Despite Dean's suggestion, however, Castiel wasn't willing to go sit down, even though there were more than enough seats to choose from. While he doubted that most monsters would be able to get to them when they were in the bus, that didn't mean he was comfortable enough to not keep some sort of look out. Figuring that Dean would need to keep his eye on the road ahead (it wasn't well-lit, after all, and they were surrounded by a thick forest on either side), Castiel took on the task of looking through the windshield at the area around them. He remained standing, slightly to the side from where Dean was sitting, and grabbed for a bar overhead to keep his balance as the bus passed over unsteady ground. If something tried to ambush them, he wanted to be aware of it.

None of this felt particularly safe, but that was almost comfortable for someone like Castiel. What he and Dean were doing now -- it reminded him of past times, of times that Dean had not yet experienced.

"You know the way, correct? There should only be one road." Still, if they got turned around or took a wrong turn, it could turn very bad for them.