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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Nightshift 60: Medical Wing Hall
forever alone
jusdicere wrote in damned
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if Erika was hoping that going further into the Medical Wing would offer her some guidance as to where to go next, she would have been extremely disappointed when she stepped into the empty space and found nothing but more doors and hallways to greet her. It was probably a good thing that she wasn't expecting much of anything out of this place, but it was still a bit frustrating when trying to figure out where to start. At the very least, she could see that the hallways led further in, which meant that this place was probably not "the back" of the wing yet. If that's where they wanted to go, then they still had to travel. However, there was no concrete evidence that the drugs they were looking for was actually in the back, so that wasn't her call to make.

The detective turned around to see if Zero had followed, shining her light on a few of the doors as if highlighting all of the different choices they had to make. The most efficient way to get around was to have each of them look in separate rooms, but like hell Erika was going to do that. It defeated the purpose of getting a meatshield.

"We have a lot of choices. Do you think we should check these rooms first, or start from the back?" She hoped that it was clear that Zero was the one who was allowed to choose, because it didn't matter where they started to Erika; she preferably wanted to have the whole area explored by night, but this place was strange and she was sure they were going to run into trouble sooner or later. Maybe she simply didn't want the responsibility of possibly landing them into a deathtrap at the moment, since she had no strong desire to explore any particular room.
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