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A Multifandom Asylum RPG

Nigh 60: O.R. Observation Room (South)
believein0 wrote in damned
[From here.]

Once inside, Zero took his own flashlight out to help shed some more light in the otherwise pitch black area. The extra light didn't reveal very much, for this place was...strangely empty. Besides a bench, a giant window on the left wall, and something that looked like an incredibly low-tech intercom device near the window, there didn't seem to be anything else in here. As for the window, all he could see on the other side was darkness, so that didn't really help them much at all.

Kind of a let down, wasn't it?

But not completely. There were also two different doors in here. One on the immediate left from the door they came in, and one on the other side of the room. Perhaps this area was meant to be a sort of corridor between other rooms, then? That could explain the lack of furniture in here. Either way, they obviously wouldn't find anything useful here, so they should keep moving forward.

"There are two ways we could go from here," he said, even though he was sure Erika could see that for herself. Out of curiosity, he approached the first door option and tested the knob. It was...unlocked, surprisingly. "This one's open." He pointed to the other door on the far end. "Try that one and see if it's unlocked, too."
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