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Nightshift 43: Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1
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A sudden wave of fear washed over the Decepticon as his recently-injured foot hit the first step; granted, tonight was, as far as he could tell, no different from any other night here... but the events of the previous evening had had their impact upon him, as it doubtless had on the other patients. Thus, it was with quiet trepidation that he slowly made his way up the two flights of stairs, his back to the inner railing, the flashlight pointed forward with an occasional swing back to the ground floor.

His foot, though no longer in a cast, still ached if he placed too much pressure on it, and though he could walk just fine, he found the branch to serve as an excellent cane in times of particular pain. Perhaps I should fashion this into a proper staff at some point, he mused; it's certainly long enough, and from its heft, it does not appear as if it would break should its mass be decreased to a more manageable amount.

Reaching the top of the stairs after a few tense minutes, Starscream paused, sweeping his light around him. No one here yet, he thought to himself. Rather than stepping into the hall, however, he chose to wait just to the left of the doorway, light shining forward as he slid to a seated position, back to the wall. He held the branch vertically at his side; surely his anonymous companion would not mistake him for someone else now.

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As Kuukaku approached the staircase (looked like the map had been right), she could've sworn she saw another hallway in the corner of her eye. But aiming the flashlight in the direction only revealed a wall. What the hell? She glanced over her shoulder for a moment, wondering if Gerad had seen the same thing, before shrugging and starting to climb the staircase.

This woman was certainly a lively one- not that being saucy was a deterrent for Edgar. A hot disposition made the chase more enjoyable, and it was a pleasant change for him to be given orders to follow.

He'd not even had the time to respond before she'd made her way into the stairwell, so he chose to follow her without a word. Spicy as she may be, he couldn't leave a lady alone in a dark and possibly dangerous place like this. Even more, she seemed to know more about where they were headed than he did. He could use the help.

He kept behind her on the stairs, idly shining his light to survey the surroundings. Seeing doors and passages appear and disappear just out of his direct sight was starting to wear on his mind, but magic could have that effect sometimes. "Lady Kuukaku, what sort of supplies are you collecting?" he asked, wondering if they would collect anything that could be of use in his own endeavors.

At least this guy was following without complaining, unlike certain other people she knew.

"Weapons or stuff to make explosives with," Kuukaku responded as she continued moving up the staircase. She had no idea what she could find for the latter; most of her fireworks-related inventions had been Kidou-based, and she doubted this place would have gunpowder lying around. At least it meant she would get to experiment again with whatever materials lying around here, but she'd have to see what this place had to offer first.

And the weapons was pretty much self-explanatory if the stories about the monsters were true.

"Weapons, eh?" He touched his chin thoughtfully, pondering over what sort of weapons they might find- after all, they'd confiscated his tools. Who knew what other treasures this place might hold?

"I'm some what of a weapons specialist," he said, reaching the top step. "So I'll be happy with anything we might find."

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