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Day 44: breakfast
Ninjas > everybody else.
thatdamnedninja wrote in damned
Yuffie had died.

No, really. Seriously. She had actually died. Bleeding all over the place, making a horrid, sticky mess and scaring the hell out of Suzaku; she remembered it clearly. Kind of. Sort of. Through the blood loss, the pain, and the visions. Through Aerith's voice whispering in her ear, Cloud's stricken eyes, and her own panic. As bad nights went, it had been Bad, capital B and all the trimmings, and oh, god. She sat, trembling on the edge of her bed, eyes closed and hands pressed hard over her racing heart. The by-play between Landel—Landel!—and Lydia barely even sunk in. There was nothing in the whole world, any world, that could prepare you for something like…

Had it all been some kind of hallucination?

Had she imagined the whole thing?

No… She didn't think so. Nightmarish or not, Yuffie knew reality. But if it had been real, how was she alive now? That kind of pain wasn't something you could just cook up, was it? She thought about it all the way to the cafeteria, drifting behind her nurse without focus or intent. Maybe if she tried to stay clinical, tried to step back… But she'd never been good at that when things got personal. And every time she closed her eyes or blinked, she swore that the scenes played back to her, like an overused commercial on a crappy channel on a crappy TV, in a run-down dump of an inn that smelled like mothballs and yesterday's breakfast.

The scent of blood and damp, rotted wood clogged her nose. Disgusted, Yuffie shoved her bowl of cereal—handed to her by a clucking Plucky—off to the side so that she could melt into her chair, palm heels scrubbing against her eyes. Too much. This was… Too much. She couldn't even paste a plastic smile on her face to make herself feel better. Her usual shield, the white noise of inane babble that could filter out almost any crisis, was in tatters all around her. Five minutes, she gave herself.

Five minutes (not) to think, five minutes to get her act together, because there was no way she could let herself shatter here. No way…

[Closed to Sheena]

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The pirate found himself being escorted to a cafeteria. The overall design of the place was rather foreign to him, nothing at all like the practical ocean-based lifestyles of most Marine prisons. Sea stone walls, sea stone jail cell, even sea stone handcuffs... che. Now that he thought about it, the Marine higher ups had a bit of a hard on for the stuff, which was weird considering how many of the Marine senior officers were fruit users.

Having been forced to get a bit of the stuff the staff was serving and feeling equally forced to sit down at one of the empty tables, Zoro waited until he was alone before he took a proper look at his surroundings. He found himself surrounded by the most normal group of people he'd ever seen. Half of them looked like kids, way too young to have been properly notorious pirates on the Grand Line. The other half looked like a mix of girly, painfully weak looking men (and women) he wouldn't trust to carry a sack of rice.

What was going on? Where the fuck was he?


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