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Day 52: Library (2nd shift)
longlivetehking wrote in damned
Scar possibly couldn't have been more thrilled at the prospect of being escorted to the library. He had visited this particular room plenty of times to know that it was entirely useless and uninteresting - like most daytime activities, for that matter. Still, the nurse seemed rather convinced he'd like one of those silly books filled with papers and papers of those silly symbols he could suddenly understand for reasons that still puzzled him. These symbols didn't quite tell him anything interesting either; if he'd wanted a silly story he'd listen to that senile baboon back home. Instead, he felt like he was particularly mocked with this activity. He had been blinded last night, only to be dragged over to something that required his eyesight as soon as it had returned.

Not caring whether he was taking the situation way too personal, the former lion opted for glaring to the spine of a book - with words reading 'Lolita' (whatever that may have meant) along with a name he didn't care the slightest bit about - as if everything had been its fault. The truth was that Scar was this close to snapping, and though breakfast had been a welcome distraction it hardly did anything to defuse his frustration and anger.

Especially because he had no idea when something like that would happen again. Or what else they had been doing to his head...

[For Naraku!]

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Apparently, Snow's little display yesterday had put him on some kind of "to be watched constantly" list or something. He was being escorted by that same lady nurse-guard and one of those bigger guy ones, who just followed behind to keep an eye on him. It was weird being escorted like this. No restraints or guns involved, but they expected him to just follow along anyway. He glanced over his shoulder to eye the additional guard. He could have taken him down easily, he was sure. But he thought the same thing yesterday. Despite not looking that strong or fast, they had been able to grab hold of him and restrain him with just two people. There was definitely something different about the people here. Not that he was afraid of them or anything.

The lady brought his attention back, saying something about relaxing and being quiet and whatever else. Look, just cause he had to go along with them didn't mean he had to listen to them, right? He still wasn't happy having to walk around playing the obedient prisoner. But he'd already made a resolution to go with the flow until it got dark again. In the meantime, he'd just scope the place out. This new room he was being led into was strange enough to warrant a closer look anyway.

The place struck him as a kind of very uncomfortable-looking lounge area with bizarre furniture. More than that though were the shelves. It seemed like those were the focal point of the room since they were kinda everywhere. But rather than storing gadgets and accessories, they were... books? Snow wandered over to one of the shelves, curiosity pretty much sending his previous caution out the window. He pulled one of the things out carefully, inspecting the whole thing before finally opening it. Wow. It really was a book. Like a real book, with paper and everything. He'd seen one or two in the display windows of some shops before, trophies the owners wanted to show off. What the heck was this stuff doing in a place like this? There were antique stores that'd pay a bundle to get their hands on just a fraction of this room's contents.

Being almost painfully careful, Snow slowly flipped through pages, not really paying any attention to the content itself. He had to be careful because these things were supposed to be delicate. One wrong pull or push and the thing rips and then... well, then you've pretty much ruined the whole thing. And he did not have the money to pay for something like this. ...Maybe he should put it down then.

[for Edgar]

So it was true: Raphael really was gone. Edgar ran a hand through his hair as he followed his nurse through the Sun Room. Another ally gone, one he'd imagined was strong enough to resist anything Landel threw at him; however, it seemed Landel wasn't above disposing of those who opposed him too sharply. Raphael's "release" wasn't the first sign of that- there was the ruined town, as well as the warnings from the radio broadcasts. He'd already proven himself a man who enjoyed torture; murder wasn't beyond the realm of believability.

Edgar sighed. At least he'd made some progress. Feigning ill, the nurse had allowed him to sleep through breakfast- the moment she'd left him, he got to work on some of his alterations to the stringed trimmer, packing it away in his closet before she returned for the second shift. Along with his new toy, the night had granted him a familiar ally: Locke. While he regretted missing the chance to catch the treasure hunter during the first meal, Edgar needed to make up for lost time. He rubbed his shoulder under the sling- still sore, but faring better than the day before. Perhaps his good fortune would continue and he could find his friend before the next shift.

Locke was nowhere to be seen in the Sun Room, so Edgar followed his nurse into the library. It was busier than his last visit- he gave a nod to Anise as he headed down one of the aisles. There, he spotted another familiar face: the rebel from the day before. His passion had been refreshing, even if a little unrestrained for the tact needed in Landel's.

Edgar approached him with a smile, noting the curious way he was handling the book in his hands. "It's not going fall apart that easily," he noted, taking Tarzan the Untamed from the shelf.

Any attention Snow'd had on the book shifted when someone came up next to him. Another one of the captives, it looked like. One who didn't seem to care at all about handling the books with caution or special gentility. He easily matched the guy's smile with one of his own. "Heh. You say that now. Bet a minute from now you're gonna -- "

He cut himself off and the smile faded to surprise as he got a better look at the guy. This was the second person he'd met with some pretty extensive looking injuries, first being his former roommate. Whatever Badou went through, though, had happened before Snow had even been brought in, and who knew how crazy it had been then. Since arriving, Snow had been under the impression the building wasn't as dangerous as it used to be. He'd been out looking for monsters and hadn't found any. So what was with this guy's injuries?

"Whoa, whoa. What happened to you?" he blurted.

Edgar couldn't help but laugh at the rebel's forward reaction; he liked this fellow already. Something about his vibrant energy reminded Edgar of his brother, though Sabin wasn't nearly as tall. It was rare when someone towered over the king, who considered himself a fair height, but this man did so with ease. Were it not for his patient status, Edgar would have believed he was one of Landel's monsters without much thought.

He waited a moment for the nurses to look his way, giving them the charming smile they'd been ignoring since his arrival. Once they'd rolled their eyes and were looking the other direction, he turned back toward the bookshelf. "My roommate and I met an undead beast a few nights ago," he answered in a hushed voice, thumbing through the book briefly before returning it to the shelf. "It could have turned out better for all of us: we could have been left uninjured, and it could have been left alive. It's a small price to pay for more clues regarding this place and its true purpose."

He extended his hand, taking a warmer tone. "I'm Edgar. I have to admit that I was impressed by your fervent speech the other day. Even more impressed that they managed to subdue someone of your stature, though that is a testament to how they've managed to keep some of us here for so long."

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